Friday, April 8, 2011

Random Friday Round-Up 04-08

President Obama Job Approval

Zogby: Obama's Approval Sinking

Declining Approval Numbers for Obama Among Blacks

Pew Poll: Obama Struggling With White Voters

BREAKING IN WISCONSIN: Clerical Error Gives Prosser Net Gain of 7300+ Votes AND Prosser's huge gain comes after Waukesha County flub is caught AND The greatest press conference of all time AND It looks like Waterloo in Wisconsin for government unions.

Internal DOJ report on Black Panther dismissal leaked

Obama: I’ll Shut Down the Government and Suspend Military Pay. He's such a smart president, suspending military pay after launching a third war. AND Will Obama Administration Hold Military Paychecks During Government Shutdown? AND Hey Obama, You Do Realize That You're Responsible for the Shutdown if it Happens, Dontcha?

Boehner Says It’s Not About Riders

Maxine Waters, your scandal is showing

Stay classy, lefties - Facebook event: Let's dump trash at Boehner's pad

I have no idea why the media is screaming about this scandel. Another Pigford Statistical Anomaly

‘It’s About Spending’

One Virginia Law Student’s Monument to Rejection AND Another Worthless Education Credential

US program seeks to increase use of E-85 fuel

Bank of America to Cancel State of Illinois’ Company Cards

Too good to check: Oprah not supporting Obama publicly in 2012?

64% Say Americans Are Overtaxed, Political Class Disagrees

Harry Reid: We’ll shut down the government for Planned Parenthood How nice to see Reid supporting an organization founded by a woman dedicated to killing African American babies.

Palin: Obama Should Sign C.R.

Former budget director David Stockman says America must deal with its mountain of debt, and faces an epoch of falling incomes and a stalled economy. “Bring it on,” he tells Lloyd Grove about the government shutdown.

Used and abused: How baby boomers are ruining their children’s lives

US Going Same Route as Greece, Portugal: Economist

O, So Out of Touch

Complaints About Budget Plan Veer Off Path

A Decisive Moment for Life

Conservatives: Bill would increase number of Obama’s czars

Tea party split on constitutional convention

A gallon of gas: $4. Presidential sarcasm: priceless.

‘Best Laid Plans’ of Health Care Bureaucrats Go Awry on Rationing

Jihadi jet-setters evade the TSA.

Largest federal worker union sues for pay lost in event of shutdown

Develop U.S. Drilling For Energy Independence

The Attack of the Cash Register

AP Exclusive: Terror suspects held weeks in secret

Reforming entitlements is key to a strong military

Government Shutdown Threat Begs the Question -- Just Who Is an 'Essential Worker'?

All Quiet on the Southern Front?

Nickels, Dimes, and Souls

Federal budget deadlock threatens Obama family's weekend vacation; more urgent talks today

Catastrophe looming thanks to Obamacare

Do the Math -- Lower Corporate Tax Rates = More Jobs, Growing Economy

It looks like the tea partiers beat the teacher unions in WI, barely

In U.S., 1 in 4 Adults Have Government Health Insurance

Malls Face Surge in Vacancies

CBO: Federal deficit continues to grow

Harry Reid Blames Tea Party For Pending Shutdown; Update: Kyl's Response

Rasmussen: Inflation fears up, 87% paying more for groceries

Would you buy a new car from this man?

Wisconsin DOJ Open Meetings Expert Secretly Gave Advice To Fleeing Dem Senators

Dems Delinquency on Spending

Freedom of Information? Fifteen Months Waiting for Four Blank Pages. Last year, PJM made a FOIA request regarding who flew to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Why did it go all the way to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and why was everything redacted?

Voters Say High Court Should Invalidate Health Care Law

One of the Best Things About the Ryan Plan

Michigan’s Crazy Drunk Uncle

The Ryan Journey

Mark Steyn: ‘I think Lindsey Graham is unfit for office’

Rachel Maddow Basically Calls President Obama a Liar Regarding New Drilling Safety in the Gulf

Why Aren’t the Rich Paying 50 Percent in Taxes?

Two George Soros Events Aim to Remake the Financial Order and the Media -- So Where's the Reporting?

The GOP, Democrats and why Taxpayer funded planned parenthood & NPR matters

Peter Suderman Talks Inflation and Agriculture Policy on Freedom Watch

Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA): Still a jerk to his own constituents
Rep. Jim Moran Gets Testy With Veteran at Town Hall: Sit Down or Leave

Dem. Rep: Republicans Want to ‘Kill Women’

Reid: Shutdown will prevent Americans from walking down the National Mall or something Apparently he means that completely open space between buildings and around the Tidal Basin that has no gates and no restrictions whatsoever.

47% View Katie Couric Favorably

Government Shutdown Not So Shutdowny After All

BBC’s Charity Drops Proposal for U.S. Taxpayer Funding

Using the Backyard Grill This Summer Just Got More Expensive

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