Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why no jobs?

A question from a friend's facebook page in response to the above image;
There is a difference to being entitled and wanting people to pay their fair share. Why should people who earn more money pay less of a percentage of tax on that money? If they are "job creators" where are the jobs? They haven't been taxed yet, they have been living under this Bush tax cut for years, so again- where are the jobs???
My Answer:
Think of it this way, if you owned a flower shop and suddenly you had to spend hours filling out EPA forms and business registration forms and at the same time, your customer base was halved, would you hire an additional florist? If the government has created through burdensome over-regulation a business climate of uncertainty and expense, then businesses do not hire. If demand for goods and services is down, then businesses do not hire. If the tax rates could change at any moment, businesses do not hire. It started with the housing collapse but has continued with bad government policies frightening the horses. Finally, you are right. There is a difference between demanding an entitlement and contributing your fair share. In the 1980s only 19% of Americans did NOT pay taxes, today it is 47% of Americans who do NOT pay taxes. The top 1% of tax-payers pay 40% of taxes, the top 5% pay 60%, the remaining 40% is paid by the remaining 48% of taxpayers. So who exactly isn't paying their fair share?

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  1. "...they have been living under this Bush tax cuts for years...".

    It's MY FREAKING MONEY. Liberals act like it's their money and I'm stealing it by not paying a higher tax rate.

    I swear --- entitlements will fall apart if we can't teach kids from grade-school on up that they are "entitled" to keep the money they earn.