Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bad Politicians Bad 02-10 UPDATED

Obama’s Big Plans for Justice Department Nominee Johnsen

Why Voters Turned Against Obama Policies

Unions bash Democrats, warn of political fallout

Doug Wilder - Obama needs a staff shakeup. He's no Thomas Sowell but Mr. Wilder has a point.

Son of a B****! Proposed Senate jobs bill includes health-care provisions

John Stossel - Hurtling Down the Road to Serfdom

RealClearPolitics Poll Averages

Republicans Surge in New ABC News/Washington Post Poll

Poll: Republicans gain on Obama, public welcomes GOP power to block

Poll: GOP Gaining on Obama

NRCC's Record Month

Obama's perpetual campaign mode

Why Is Obama Ignoring Europe?

From Instapundit -
MORE ON THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT AND THE NEW BLACK PANTHERS: “A Feb. 2 letter from Glenn A. Fine, inspector general for the Justice Department, to Rep. Frank R. Wolf, Virginia Republican, ought to give pause to lawmakers of any party. In effect, the letter says there is no independent authority that can investigate any decision by the department to stonewall congressional inquiries. If the department refuses to answer congressional questions by asserting legal privileges that have never been recognized in U.S. history, the IG is powerless to assess allegations of certain sorts of departmental misconduct.” They told me if I voted for McCain we’d have a rogue Justice Department that worried about politics more than law. And they were right!

With absolute power, Team Obama grows stupid

N.Y. Senate Expels Convict

Obama's Balloon Hits the Dirt

GOP Sends Out Valentine's Day Cards Mocking Democrats

President Softens Language on Wall Street Bonuses He Once Called 'Obscene' and 'Shameful' Maybe he finally remembered that another name democrates call Wall Streeters is "donors".

Like here - Schumer's Wall Street Donors Look for Revenge

Senate's Gridlock Fuels Frustration

Rep. Watson to retire

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