Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Round-Up MORE 02-09

Who Knew There Would Be This Much News?!?

Why is Obama killing off D.C.'s voucher program?

HEll NO - ACORN Eligible For $4 Billion In Federal Taxpayer Money in Obama FY2011 Budget

Job Openings Plunged by One-Quarter Last Year

Unemployment Rate to Stay Above 9 Percent

Boehner, Cantor urge Obama to force votes on spending cuts

Senate Democrats unveil jobs package

Harry Reid says jobs bill still not done

Senate jobs bill extends Medicare payment rates

$85 Billion Senate Jobs Bill to Include $15 Billion in Road Money

Draft version of Senate Dems' jobs bill leaks

Busted Budgeting

Financial crisis commission questions top bankers behind closed doors

Why Fear Big Government?

GOP May Join Obama Deficit Panel

The silent majority. It's time for the Fed to help savers return to health, too

Obama Espoused Radical Views in College

Reid’s Reversal on Recess Appointments

PJTV Video (Hair of the Dog) - How's that 'Hopey Changey' Stuff Working Out?

Will the D.C. Establishment Wake Up?

Governor hides hundreds of documents, claiming “executive privilege”

Obama Signals a Dangerous 2010 Strategy

Abusegate and Children

State Legislative Update

Obama Pleads for Bipartisanship, Calls for End to 'Grandstanding'

The Nanny State Nightmare with Judicial Teeth. A bill before Congress would grant extraordinary power to activist judges to implement an agenda that usurps the power of parents.

Empowering Parents in the Pelican State

PJTV Video (Bill Whittle's Afterburner) - Grand Old (Tea) Party: The People Are Furious And The Party Must Understand Why

From this moment on

Ten Rules for Anti-Government Republican Radicals in D.C.

Does Judge Walker Have a Conflict?

Blacks question Obama’s approach to race

The state of national security in the age of Obama

Paterson rumor mill resembles journalistic game of telephone

Obama Hits Lowest Approval Mark

Group to Rename Iconic Hollywood Sign -- For a Day

Climategate: The SEC Takes On … Climate Change

Stuart Varney Interviews Tom Borelli on New SEC Climate Guidelines

Why the "Green Police" Is So San Francisco

New Solar Observatory to Unlock Sun's Mysteries. A powerful new solar observatory will spend the next five years recording images of the sun with 10 times better resolution than HD television, peering deep within the sun's layers to reveal just how solar storms erupt. The observations could help scientists build the first effective models for space weather forecasting.

Time to Rein in the U.N.'s Budget

Drip, Drip, Drip -- U.N.'s Climate Claims. Bad science and bad politics are taking their toll on climate change claims made by the U.N. and others.

Republicans Smarter than Democrats? (Ummm, Yes!)

Frank Rich and the State of Liberal Commentary

Unfair and Unbalanced: The Washington Post

I Am Not an Ideologue. But the president really is imprisoned by ideology, and that's good news.

Zero Tolerance Makes Zero Sense

Proposed Net Neutrality Regulations: A Serious Threat To Internet Users

The Obama Method And the Health Care Summit

Serious Governance, or Just a Show?

You First - Obama Says Both Sides Have to Give On Health Care

Which Way, Not How Far

Congressional Democrats point finger of blame at Rahm Emanuel on healthcare

Frozen Phase: Invite Won’t Thaw Health Care Politics

Boehner to White House: "Why Are We Going to Talk About a Bill That Can't Pass?"

Obama's health care summit: Just for show?

Orszag's 'pillars' unsteady as health care foundation

Administration, GOP Start Listing Demands Ahead of Health Care Talks
A howling good time in Gotham

Escalating opposition

Approaching This Legislative Session with Optimism and Can-Do Attitude

What Is Iran Planning for Thursday?

Lessons for America From Hugo Chavez, Economist

The Bankrupt PIGS of Europe

Complaints of China's ascent and the U.S.' collapse are overly pessimistic--and misguided.

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