Friday, February 12, 2010

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 02-12

Shackling Innovation. The Regulation of Industry-Supported Clinical Trials

GOP to Obama: 'Disavow' Backroom Plots

Pelosi Aide Calls Democratic Plan to Pass Health Care Bill "A Trick"

Obama’s ‘Academically Approved’ Approach to Health Care. The president's Super Bowl Sunday interview provided more evidence of his disdain for the Constitution.

Democrats Hold 'Plan B' Over Republicans' Heads Going Into Health Care Talks. Senate Democrats may go into the bipartisan health care reform summit later this month holding a legislative gun to Republicans' heads. Some Democrats are readying a health care reform "Plan B" in case negotiations at the half-day televised forum on Feb. 25 go nowhere.

Now Obama Discovers GOP Health Care Proposals?

Gregg: Toward a ‘Constructive’ Summit

The 'Bipartisan' Summit AND Planned Summit Is Just an Infomercial in Disguise

Pelosi Makes Her Case: A Majority Is 51 Votes

Gary Johnson scolds Republicans for Medicare scare tactics

How Many People Die From Lack of Health Insurance?

Bipartisanship Equals Single-Payer-ship

Democrats Pessimistic About Health Summit. Either both parties come together against all odds or the event proves that no bipartisan outcome is possible, spurring Democrats to act alone. Or, the summit is a bust and the entire health care overhaul falls apart.

Insurance reform empowers individuals, families

WH to announce new health IT grants Friday Nearly $1 Billion of taxpayer's money for these grants. Oh goody.

Amid talk of bipartisanship, acrimony grows in Washington

Top Lobbyist for Drug Makers Resigning After Ill-Fated Health Deal With White House. Billy Tauzin, the head of the influential trade association for drug manufacturers who struck an ill-fated backroom deal with the White House on health care reform last year, is stepping down. AND The Legacy of Billy Tauzin: The White House-PhRMA Deal

PJTV Video (Medically Incorrect) - Fact And Follicle: How To Save Your Hair The Healthy Way

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