Monday, February 8, 2010

Random Round-Up 02-08

Oh for Pete's Sake - New Federal Climate Change Agency Forming. Obama administration to set up new agency to study, monitor climate change We need this like a fish needs a laptop.

NOAA reboots climate change work with new agency, website AND Obama Creating New Govt Agency for "Climate Service" AND Administration Proposes New Agency to Study Climate Change AND Can New Agency Deliver Reliable Data On Climate Change? AND Obama Proposes New Global Warming Agency Seriously, taxpayers need to fund yet another bogus "climate change" agency (or any other government agency) about as much as Superman needs a Kryptonite necklace.

Cap-and-trade bills bad news for Colorado

PJTV Video (Poliwood) - Poliwood Challenges Gore: Defend Your Oscar!

NOAA chief backs UN climate panel

New Marist poll shows Obama losing independents 2-1

Obama's 'stupid' jab at Vegas

Partisanship, Then and Now

President Obama's Phantom $15 Billion Program for Small Businesses

Daily Gut: Obama’s Coffin/T-Shirt ‘Moment’

Negotiations Without Preconditions for Iran, But Not Republicans

Newsweek Circulation Plunges by 41 percent; Time, 35%

Max Blumenthal, Equal-Opportunity Hater

'SNL' Can't Stop Parodying Fox News

The Trouble With Government Jobs Could it be that they destroy the economy and as they tend to be the result of useless regulations, often destroy lives as well?

Jobs bill could contain Card Check

The Human-Rights Facade Is Beginning to Crumble
The collaboration between Amnesty International and an unrepentant Islamist named Moazzam Begg has been a source of wonderment among those who follow these kinds of things, but only back-burner wonderment, obscured by the media’s general tendency to protect the credibility of “human rights” NGOs, or at least not ask too many questions.

The UK Times was impelled, finally, to give some space to the fact that Amnesty, one of the two largest human-rights groups* (the other being Human Rights Watch) has been promoting Begg, a former Gitmo detainee and booster of terrorists and radicals. What finally attracted press attention to this outrageous state of affairs was the appearance of a whistleblower from within the ranks of Amnesty.

Why the Media Ignored a Scandal

Congressional Crypt-Keeper and corruption-magnet Murtha joins Ted Kennedy. Spokesman for Rep. John Murtha says the Pennsylvania Democrat has died at 77. Will not be missed.

Murtha's Death Triggers Competitive Special Election - It is funny how I'm only seeing brief RIPs and then long discussions about replacing Murtha who sat like a toad in this congressional seat for roughly 36 years. The man spend nearly half his life in Congress and directed no-bid lucrative military contracts (aka taxpayer's money) to his various family members. Forgive me for not weeping.

The Life and Times of John Murtha - This post does defend Murtha's defensive of American military personal. So I'll give him that. He was the earmark pork king however.

Damn Marvel - Captain America Takes on the Tea Parties

What's Planned Parenthood's Real Agenda? AND Planned Parenthood Pushes Intensive Sex Education for Kids as Young as 10 This is just the sort of cynical agenda an organization founded by a ghastly racist woman (Margaret Sanger) who believed in eugenics (specifically directed towards African-Americans) would come up with. Let's rob children of their childhood by sexualizing them as early as possible, profoundly increasing the likelihood they will get pregnant and want abortions which will justify our existance and funding. Evil, awful, vile.

Under Investigation, ACORN Chief Bertha Lewis Quits Working Families Party

Political Alchemy, Part I: Turning Spending Increases into Tax Cuts

“Sadists who were trying to be nice”

PJTV Video - Dangerous Debt: Obama's Jobs Bill a Spending Spree We Can't Afford

Are Tax Expenditures the Key to Our Budget Problems?

House GOP Responds to Summit Invite

Iran anniversary 'punch' will stun West: Khamenei

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