Friday, February 12, 2010

Media Bias 02-12

Keith Olbermann is a funny, funny man

The Four Horseman of the Ablogalypse: 2010 Version - Go Glenn

Palin: Out with the ‘In’ Crowd. As demonstrated by the incorrect charge about her bracelet, hating Palin is a bonding exercise: a way to signal one's own tasteful judgment.

Lawrence O'Donnell's Emmy Clip
Oh, and lest you think O'Donnell's outburst rose up from some deeply-seated conviction, witness this tweet from Scarborough:
The best part of Lawrence O' Donnell's. rant is that when we went to break, Lawrence broke out in a huge smile. "It's what I do best."

Video: O’Donnell meltdown on Morning Joe

Iceland aims to become an offshore haven for journalists and leakers

AP Lies on Binyam Mohammed

A Disgusting Media Lie– TPM Publishes Bogus Story Citing Texas Racist As Tea Party Leader

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