Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blitzing America - And Still Not Convinced

Why Can't Obama Stop Talking? Ann Althouse thinks its too much as well.

In Media Blitz, Obama Beats Back Criticism of Health Care Plan. President Obama appears on the ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN talk and public affairs Sunday shows, and on the Hispanic network Univision, to talk about health care reform. Not surprisingly, Obama is not appearing on Fox which begs the question what is he afraid of?

Obama: Mandate is Not a Tax. This is either a lie or reveals an incompetancy of understanding basic economics.

Report: Obama Urges Paterson to Reconsider N.Y. Gov. Race. The New York Times reported political advisers made the suggestion to request Paterson withdraw, and Obama approved it. So basically Obama is meddling with everything, everywhere.

Obama on ACORN: 'Not Something I've Followed Closely' Won't Commit to Cut Federal Funds. This is either a grotesque self-deception or reveals a mendacity of stunning proportions as Obama was once ACORN's lawyer. I'm not the only one who thinks so... Parsing "a whole lot of" federal money.

Obama Faces Week of High Political Stakes. In a span of four days, Obama will plunge into the politics of the United Nations and host a summit in Pittsburgh on the world's wobbling economy. He is also under pressure to push along stalled Mideast peace. Obama faces worse than that if this healthcare media blitz fails.

Obama Defends Medicare Advantage Cuts. Great way to alienate senior voters.

Latino Lawmaker Rips Obama for Making It Harder for Illegals to Buy Private Insurance. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I almost feel sorry for Obama - he's now experiencing what even slightly conservative Americans experience at the hands of liberals.

Obama chides media. THAT is hilarious. Obama is actually rebuking the media that is MOST friendly to him because it occassionally or accidentally covered actual events that reveal Obama's true nature. Let's face it, the only media outlet it would make sense for Obama to say such a thing to is FOX News but he's too chicken to even appear on that station. What does that say about Obama?

Boehner: 'Tea Party' Protests a Legitimate 'Political Rebellion'. House Republican leader John Boehner says nationwide protests known as "tea parties" are the result of pushback against Democrats' spending. A little love for the angry mob of dumb racists, hooray.

You can say it over and over again, but doing that will never make what you're saying true Obama says health plan 'not radical'

It's not just me and Rep. Wilson calling Obama a liar.
OF all the wishful thinking, denial of realities and blatantly false assertions that surround President Obama's push for government-dominated health care, the biggest whopper is the claim that public administration will be more efficient than private health plans.
From this article titled, "Health-reform follies: Who's more efficient?"

Blitzing the world and still not convinced. Obama's Worldwide Star Power Finds Limits. Skepticism Abroad Echoes Doubt at Home. Doubts?!? I think you mean outright rejection.

Health Reform and the Polls. Obama’s biggest obstacle is the 68% of voters who rate their health coverage as good or excellent.

Boehner Says Democrat Health Care Plan is Dead. Here's to hoping.

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