Friday, September 25, 2009

TEA Party Protest Round-Up 09-25

For months now we've seen TEA Party protests of thousands of people and townhalls filled with hundreds of people that were relatively peaceful.

Certainly voices were raised and names were occasionally called, but very little violence (and that was primarily pro-Obama thugs bashing on folks who dared to question Dear Leader's policies). Yet the TEA Party and Townhall folks got called "angry mobs" and "racists" by the media.

So now we see how the Left protests, in America during the G-20 meeting and in Chicago, and how the media covers it... Compare and contrast.

Fifteen arrested at G20 protests That's a lot more arrested in one Left-wing protest than ALL the TEA Party protests of the last year.

Tut-tutting about "violence" at protests

On Rhetoric, Violence, and Militias

Union Protesters Arrested In Chicago Today.
Golly I hate those stupid drums.

G-20 leaders push global economic reforms Friday link to photos here.

Pittsburgh braced for G20 protests

US police fire tear gas at G20 protesters I'm sorry could someone please remind me when US police forces fired tear gas at a TEA Party Protest? WHEN!?!

Your freedom of speech right doesn't give you right to behave like thugs and criminals.

G20 Protesters Ordered To Stop March By Pittsburgh Police

And this is what we saw on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2009 - tens of thousands of TEA Party protesters PEACEFULLY marching on Washington.

No violence and all the media could do is complain about a couple handfuls of distasteful signs.

I'm pretty certain the Media is in the tank for the Left.

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