Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And The Oscar For Vilest Hypocrite Goes to....

Micheal Moore!

Anti-Capitalist Filmmaker Enjoys Vulgar Displays of Wealth by Mark Hemingway
Last night Esquire threw a party for Michael Moore's new documentary Capitalism: A Love Story, which all about the vulgar displays of income inequality in this country and how Americans are suffering as a result of the recession. Then according to one person who attended the premiere, this happened:

Following the Premiere, Esquire shuttles many of the attendees straight down to SoHo to the opening of The Esquire Apartment – a fully decadent penthouse where every square inch is paid for by a luxury sponsor. Hot tub, $120k pool table, $60k home theater, fine food. The only thing lacking was a doormat saying “Welcome To Capitalism.”

I had fun….But ooooh the irony. Everyone I talked to was like, “man, this is the most bizarre combination. I bet Michael Moore would freak out if he saw that this was happening.”….And then he showed up. And was eating it up. And then one of the families from the film came.
I do not understand why anyone would be in the same room as such a vile hypocrite as Michael Moore. Too ugly and untalented to actually act, he makes his error-ridden (if not outright lying) documentaries centered around him. Basically, watching a Micheal Moore film is watching a narcessitic man intellectually masterbate. His false outrage, his demeaning of values and culture, and his mendancy towards the subjects of his celluloid delusions deserve nothing but avoidence and comdemnation.

And by the way, free speech does not prohibit comdemnation. Shame on Moore. And more shame on those who support Moore.

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