Friday, September 25, 2009

Corruption Daily Round-Up 09-25 - Updated

Watchdogs Wary of Early Push by White House to 'Politicize' NEA

‘Pioneer of Guerrilla Marketing,’ Specialist in ‘Leveraging’ Arts Community for Health Care Issues Coincidentally in on NEA Conference Call

Reid blocks ACORN probe. Tracking abuse by political allies could be 'distracting'

ACORN’S Enron-Style Accounting: Playing Musical Chairs with Big Money

ACORN's Illegal Lobbying AND ACORN Funded Political, For-Profit Efforts, Data Show

"he figured he could get away with it"

New Rasmussen Poll Shows More Trouble for ACORN

Oversight of tax-exempt groups like ACORN examined

Breitbart: I thought Bertha Lewis was grateful that we exposed ACORN’s corruption.

Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit against HUD to Obtain ACORN Documents

HuffPo Cofounder Takes On ‘Democrat-Media Complex’

GOP aides: ACORN misusing contributions

Taxpayer Funded Filtering Activists to ACORN

Giles: The ACORN Suit Is 'Silly'


You're gonna see some repeats of stories here because there's a doubly-corrupt aspect to several of these stories in that someone thought they could behave corruptly and the media chose NOT to report it. The act of accepting, tolerating, and helping to hid corruption is corrupt as well.

But before I begin, here is a media outlet how is behaving better. An apology to Sarah Palin

"he figured he could get away with it"

HuffPo Cofounder Takes On ‘Democrat-Media Complex’

Sergant slaughtered. Media bewildered

James O'Keefe 3, Big Media 0

Spokesman dismisses British media

New Poll: Most Americans See Media As Biased and Favoring Obama

"he figured he could get away with it"

Obama’s Self-Worship. The hubris is staggering.

DAMN IT Update - well, it's not surprising. This is Massachusetts, a place that once re-elected a Boston mayor while he was still in prison. Judge Rejects Request to Delay Swearing In of Kennedy Successor. I guess rule of law doesn't apply to the Bay State. Mass. judge considers delaying Kennedy successor. We'll find out at noon if the corruption in the Massachusetts democrat political system has spread to their judiciary.

Holder’s Civil-Rights Nominee

The Three R's in the Age of Obama: Rappin', Revolution and Radicalism

Taxpayer Funded Filtering Activists to ACORN

Honduras Gets Messier. But there is a clear exit strategy: elections. It would have been less of a mess if Obama hadn't meddled.

The Dog Ate Global Warming. Interpreting climate data can be hard enough. What if some key data have been fiddled? Gee, ya think?

Obama’s EPA: In a Classroom Near You. This is by a collegue of my husband.

Re: Inconvenient Truths You can also read about some Really Inconvenient Truths here.

At the U.N., Terrorism Pays. It was my duty as defense minister to stop Hamas rockets.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's remarks at the U.N. General Assembly. Probably one of the only decent folks there.

Obama, what about human rights? A world of work awaits

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