Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Corruption Daily Round-Up 09-22 UPDATED

Is it just me or is there now so many corruption scandals going on that I have to create subcategories for them in the Corruption Daily Round-Up?

U.S. charges Obama fund-raiser in $290 million fraud From Reuters

National Endowment for the Arts: ACORN for Eggheads?

To seize everything you ever wanted

'Artists' as Servants of Power. The Obama administration remakes the National Endowment for the Arts.

Anti-Palin Vid Firm On NEA Call?

Breitbart Gets Results

Breaking News! National Endowment for the Arts Renamed National Endowment for Propaganda. Stay Tuned. “This is Only the Beginning.”

Audiotape Reveals Artists Being Asked to Support Obama's Agenda

Tax-paid propaganda

Acorn Who? Obama heads for the high grass.

So ACORN Doesn't Have Tax Issues? VIDEO!!

Arrividerci, Acorn

ACORN Worker in Video Reported Duo to Police Yes, but it was his cop-cousin and it was TWO DAYS later.

Justice Department Inspector General Launches Internal ACORN Probe

The Case for ACORN as a Criminal Enterprise.

ACORN: Getting Rich Off Racism

More Astroturfing-- HCAN Organizers Caught Handing Out Signs At Russ Carnahan Rally VIDEO!

Paterson blames weak Obama record for friction. Is one of them gonna call the other racist?

Democrats on path to repeat housing disaster Corrupt thinking leads to corruption.

The "Tenther" Smear

The country is in a recession, millions are unemployeed and Obama stays in the Waldorf's $7,000 a night suite at taxpayer's expense. I think that's kinda corrupt. Behind the Scenes at the Waldorf's Presidential Suite.

SJC OK’s secret use of GPS devices

Given Obama's support of this thug, this goes under corrupt. Zelaya's daring return reignites Honduras crisis. More here with "Could It Get Worse? Yes!"

Obama Backs Holder in CIA Interrogation Probe. President Obama gives Attorney General Holder leeway to investigate alleged CIA abuses even after seven former CIA directors wrote Obama a letter urging him to stop the probe. Given the corrupt acts of Holder's DoJ such as the dismissal of the voter imtimidation case, I'm wondering if any investigation by Holder is legitimate.

I'm not the only one who is concerned. Walpin scandal update: Grassley blocks nomination, accuses administration of stonewalling. While not directly related to the DoJ's dodgy dismissal of the above mentioned voter intimidation case, the Walpin dismissal is very stinky and throws a lot of doubts on the legitimacy of Obama's administration. A bit more here - "Remember the IG Scandal?"

The Feds' Attack on Freedom of Speech.

Does arrogance count as a form of corrupted thinking? Obama Cabinet official: Americans are children

Health reformers targeting 'enemies'. Protest events tightly scripted.

Micheal Moore is a big fat bag of corruption - Anti-Capitalist Filmmaker Enjoys Vulgar Displays of Wealth.

WaPo: Sorry We Implied Giles and O'Keefe Were Racist

“Post Reporters Deny Using Questionable Tactics To Entrap Nixon”

Nothing to fear but fears himself.

Clinton on Gore: "I Thought He Was in Neverland" Juicy Excerpts from the latest tell-all about Clinton.

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