Sunday, September 20, 2009

Random Round-Up

Below is just stuff I thought was interesting.

The Week in One Liners.

Huckabee is tops in conservatives' straw vote.
This Weekend's Values Voters Summit. Romney taunts Democrats with memories of Carter

Sweden Slashes Income Taxes to Promote Job Growth. How come the socialistic Swedes get this econ101 move but Obama doesn't?

Palin emerges as Facebook phenom

Right On... Iranian Freedom Protesters Rip Down Hezbollah Sign As Crowd Cheers (Video) How come Obama supports the thugs while these freedom fighters die?

Will Perot Voters Determine Outcome in 2010 (& 2012)? Interesting points as always from GayPatriot.

Crybabies In The White House.

Instapundit & Gatewaypundit, The 9/12 Interview: The Power of Organizing Locally
VodkaPundit - Keeping Abreast of the Czars and One Cool Explosion

Pawlenty decries 'appeasement' Go get 'em, Tim! Pawlenty: I’m Calling Obama Out

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