Friday, September 25, 2009

Laws Meaningless in MA

Judge Rejects Request to Delay Swearing In of Kennedy Successor

Seriously, this is a hot mess. Kennedy and his cronies created a law that required a special election in order to prevent a conservative governor of Massachusetts from filling Kerry's empty Senate seat when he ran for president.

Then Kennedy gets all tumor-y but refuses to give up the seat so that a special election can be held. Now the Senate seat had to be pried from Kennedy's cold dead hands and the new liberal governor of Massachusetts and his cronies fearing the special election now mandated by law, has basically thrown out the law in order to appoint a Kennedy crony into the Senate seat until the Special Election can be held.

This kind of crass political trampling of the laws these liberal hoods have created and discarded should nauseate all Massachusetts residents. However, given that they keep re-electing Barny Frank, I shouldn't be surprised at all.

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