Thursday, September 24, 2009

Corruption Daily Round-Up 09-24- UPDATED

Politicizing National Security
The embarrassing revelation in a recent Washington Post story that Attorney General Eric Holder “did not read detailed memos that prosecutors drafted and placed in files to explain their decision to decline prosecution” of CIA interrogators is just another example of a seriously flawed decision-making process in the Obama Justice Department.

Obama Likes Tyrants and Dislikes America . . . and Here's More Proof Basically, Obama's just instructed the State Department to give $400,000 of American taxpayer's money to foundations run by Muammar Qaddafi's two children! Yet I doubt any media's gonna pick up this despite the links.

ACORN Corruption
Breaking: Treasury Inspector General to ‘Review’ ACORN and Hill’s Leading Nonprofit Watchdog Sen. Charles Grassley Demands ACORN Probe
ACORN fights back In a perfect world, that headline would be ACORN accepts responsibility for its decades of vile behavior.

**BREAKING** ACORN Sues Hidden-Camera Filmmakers, Some are speculating that this is all part of the plan, ACORN sues and ends up having even more of its illegal behavior exposed. Not bright on ACORN's part.

Relative to the above from Ann Althouse: "ACORN Sues Hidden-Camera Filmmakers, It should be fun to do discovery on this one." Glenn Reynolds is pretty sure ACORN is falling into a trap.

ACORN's Lawsuit A lawyer gives his opinion on ACORN's lawsuit's chances.

Pinstripe Suits and Purple Pimp Hats. Obama’s bankers are ACORN’s bankers, and we fund them.

Obama and ACORN: A Love Story. Why did the president feign ignorance of ACORN when his relationship with the group goes back almost 20 years?

Reid Rejects GOP Call for ACORN Hearings. Is Reid protecting Obama, fellow democrats, or just himself?

Frank turns against ACORN Actually it isn't entirely clear if Barney Frank has turned against ACORN but I darn sure wish the residents of Newton, MA would turn against Barney Frank.

More on ACORN and Eminent Domain Abuse I HATE Eminent Domain. HATE it.

North Carolina ACORN branch feels impact from national scandal

Liar's Dictionary Because How is "affordable housing" handed out?

IRS Severs Ties With, and Files $2m in Liens Against, ACORN. Well and good.

How the ACORN 'pimp and hooker' videos came to be

Media Corruption
Gov Protest: A "Fed" Hanged In Kentucky

Slate gives Breitbart some love. This is less Media Corruption and more Mea Culpa. Two Cheers for Andrew Breitbart

The Washington Post has written an article titled, "Honesty on Transportation" about Deed's announcing he will raise taxes for Virginia's roads. The Washington Post writes as if that is a good thing and isn't Deed's heroic. Bullploop! Raising taxes in a recession is criminally stupid AND there is no guarantee that those roads will be built in the areas that need it the most (Northern VA and Hampton Roads) AND they probably will not be built within a VA governor's four year term. So again Bullploop to Deeds and the Washington Post.

Political Corruption
Questions for Those Who Want Legislators to Pledge To Read Every Word of Every Bill Before Voting: Here's one too. Why aren't you reading the God forsaken laws you're voting on you sorry sacks of....(sorry got away from myself. Question still stands though.)

The Internet's New Enforcer. The FCC chairman appoints himself top cop on the World Wide Web. Great. The freest place on earth is getting Obama's sticky fingerprints on it.

Frank turns against ACORN We'll see if the worm has really turned or not. Watch the video Frank does his usual dance when pressured to do the right thing which he is deeply opposed to as a general rule.

Science Corruption
Environmentalists Seek to Wipe Out Plush Toilet Paper. Is there no part of our lives that these junk-science addicts won't exploit in order to force us to self-destruct by accepting their fraudulent policies?

General & Political Corruption
Yes it is. Barack Obama's churlishness is unforgivable From the UK's Daily Telegraph and this is from The Guardian Barack Obama snubs Gordon Brown over private talks When BOTH the conservative and liberal papers in Great Britain are pissed off at you, then your foreign policy towards our oldest and closest ally is ghastly and, rightly, unforgivable.

TARP inspector to say transparency 'attitude' on bailout frustrating

Dems block GOP demand for more time. Is the Dems' need for speed a reflection of their need to hide just how damn awful their bills are?

'Diversity czar' takes heat over remarks

Are Obama's policies turning off his youth supporters? Tough political realities quiet youth 'Obamamania'

Obama's peace moves risk stoking Mideast strife. The only thing worse for America than Obama's domestic policies is his foreign policies. It's as if he wants America to be weak.

The naif-in-chief. New York Post agrees with me regarding the above.

Keep up the good work here, Obama and your cronies. Obama’s
Job Approval Points to Republican Gains Next Fall
Let's hope this is the one job they continue to do well in.

Gee, I wonder why? GOP gets big bump of donors in August

Fidel Castro praises Obama on climate change. If Castro likes it, it must be wrong.

You know what, yes, yes I do think enforced "volunteerism" is wrong. Just Say No to Mrs. Obama

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