Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Daily Round-Up 07-20

July 20, 1969: One Small Step … One Giant Leap …

And this PJTV Video from Bill Whittle - One Small Misstep for a Man, One Giant Leap for Private Enterprise

‘JournoList’ E-mails Show Media Plotting to Kill Stories about Reverend Jeremiah Wright


Google's been pissing me off ever since they started pretending Christian holidays didn't exist. Google's Wi-Spying and Intelligence Ties Prompt Call for Congressional Hearing

“There is no law here…”

Thomas Sowell - Race Card Fraud

Taking Photos In Public Places Is Not A Crime: Analysis

Awesome PJTV Video - Pundits Gone Wild: The Megyn Kelly Smackdown, and the Larry King Tongue-Loesching

'Sanctuary' is lawless and deadly

Racist Govt Official/NAACP Award Recipient Resigns after Big Government Exposé

Why the Left Shouldn’t Defend the New Black Panther Dismissal


AN columnist on plug-in vehicles: "Electricity is not sexy" Your car may run on electricity but chances are in the US that electricity will come from coal. BWAHAHAHA.

56% Support Offshore Drilling; 47% Favor Deepwater Drilling, Too


RomneyCare Advocates: We Swear, This Time Centralized Planning Will Work

Obama: Mr. Incredible

“Of Constitutional Decapitation and Healthcare”

Feds Tracking Obesity Under New Stimulus Rule

Letter from Mrs. Obama

State rules clash with health pools

The ‘New Abortion Providers’

Patients’ health, pharmacists’ conscience protected in Wash., court agrees to halt trial


Bobby Jindal’s Plan

Libertarian Influence

The Automobile’s Forgotten Secret

A Staunch and Self-Confident Ally We have a clear common agenda: succeeding in Afghanistan, securing economic growth and fighting protectionism.

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