Thursday, July 22, 2010

Daily Round-Up 07-22

Top Ten Racist Incidents of the Week

My husbands article in National Review - Preferred Risk


The Nation’s Worst State Attorneys General

A must-read - Elena Kagan, Barack Obama, and the American Establishment

Feds dismiss post-Enron tips of fraud

Workers on Doomed Rig Voiced Concern About Safety

No charges against Bush DOJers on fired DAs, no apologies expected AND Prosecutor firing was politics, not crime

There's no defense - Feds defend response to Tennessee flooding

Whatever happened to "Don't Be Evil"? 37 states join probe into Google Wi-Fi data collection

First came Climategate, now it’s JournoList; Who’s next for an email scandal?

Not sure what to make of this except it is a little hypocritical of the left to claim the right are religious fanatics when polls like this come out. One-fourth of Democrats think Jesus will ‘definitely return’ in 40 years

The Humanitarian Crisis of the Gaza Mall

Who? Hey, remember Al Gore?

Black racism: a real problem, or pure politics?

Shirley Sherrod, unfairly dismissed

Ms. Sherrod's Speech Was Most Certainly Not About Transcending Racism




Why the ObamaCare Tax Penalty Is Unconstitutional The federal power to tax is not unlimited, as the Supreme Court recognized when it struck down the first national income tax.

It’s Not Health Care ‘Reform’; It’s Exploitation. To stop health care exploitation we must address the root issue: the nature of rights and the purpose of government.

Obamacare Mandate Much Worse than a Tax

Repeal Obamacare?


Taxpayers Sue Governor to Invalidate Washington State Climate Change Executive Order

As U.S. suspends deep-water oil drilling, other nations move ahead

Study: Cap and Trade Could Cost 1.9 Million Jobs

Childhood Obesity and Lunchbox Privacy The food police go to school — with counterproductive results

How a long-ago Secretary of Agriculture became the demon of industrial food critics; and how those critics get the last half-century of agricultural history wrong.

Will the Party of No Foil the Half-Baked Greenhouse Machiavellis?

Greens fracture over Obama

Hey, remember Al Gore?

Good news, right? Gulf boats having trouble finding any oil


Cedra Crenshaw, Candidate Mom, Escapes Clutches of Chicago Machine

Wooden 'Stonehenge' Emerges From Prehistoric Ohio

Boehner: 'Read the Bill'

Computers to translate world's 'lost' languages after program deciphers ancient text

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