Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Personal Witness: One Nation Under God

From No Sheeples Here. Read the whole thing and watch the video too. I didn't have the same reaction as Carol did but I agree that American values, as envisioned by our greatest founders, sprang from a firm belief in God.

Several months ago, perhaps as far back as last Veterans Day, I came across a stirring painting by artist Jon McNaughton. The title of his painting is “One Nation Under God”.

As I often do, I saved the web address so I could refer to it at a later date. Being dutiful to my hard drive’s memory, I began deleting data that was no longer pertinent. When I opened one document in particular and clicked on the link I had saved, I was once again moved by what I saw and decided to share this artist’s beautiful and heartwarming labor of love.

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