Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Whole Bunch of PJTV Videos

For your viewing pleasure.

Rev. Wright is Really Wrong, Olbermann Retreats & How Many Princess Leias Does One Man Need?

A Tale of Two Revolutions: The War of Ideas & the Tragedy of the Unconstrained Vision. Modern day philosopher Thomas Sowell has a theory. Beneath politics and party, beneath even ideology and morality, lies a conflict of visions about the very nature of what humanity is. Watch as Bill Whittle applies this theory against Rousseau, Hobbes & Robespierre to breakdown what it means to be free.

Can Sarah Palin Defeat ObamaCare? Can The President Convince Americans We Need It?

The Congressional Corruption Parade: Rangel's Hits Keep on Coming.Bill Allison of the Sunlight Foundation sits down with Glenn Reynolds to suss out the hottest scandals on the Hill. From Rangle to Dodd, we've got you covered.

Trifecta: Who's Funding Your Local Elections? Pulling Back The Curtain on the Influence of Faceless PACs. Some of the wealthiest people around are giving money to both sides when it comes to an election. It's a win-win for them, but is it ethical? The Trifecta gang sorts it out.

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