Tuesday, September 15, 2009

TEA Party Protest Round-Up 09-15 - Updated

Let Them Eat Cake: White House Clueless on Taxpayer Rallies

Angry, Polite 'Mob' Descends on D.C.

The MSM Ignores the 9/12 Rallies and Rep. Joe Wilson Wins His War. Video commentary from PJTV's Stephen Green (aka VodkaPundit).

Republicans and Democrats: A Tale of Two Bases.

09.12.09 March on Washington: Hundreds of Thousands Fight For Freedom The descriptions the folks offer about Cuban and British nationalized healthcare are accurate, true, and scary. Oh and by the way, just like Cubans have to bring their own linens to the hospital, so do the British.

Here's the video and link for the Los Angeles TEA Party. This is a movement people, not an "angry mob".

Many of my favorite commentators are calling for citizens to run for political office. I think that is terrific and am thrilled that some are heeding the call. Former NFL player to run for Congress. Go get 'em!

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