Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TEA Party Protest Round-Up 09-16

An amazing, long, and heavily linked post here on how dissent is no longer the "highest form of patriotism" but in fact is now racism. From The Anchoress. So beware. If you oppose any view or policy of the Liberal Left, you are now automatically a racist. Enjoy.

Heavyweight vs. Dodd Linda McMahon is now in the Senate race against Dodd. Excellent. That'll make WWE fans republicans in no time flat. The more, the merrier.

Sheriff's Department Responds To Sonic Device Outrage. I couldn't get the link to the original story but suffice it to say that San Diego Sheriff department had brought a weapon to a townhall. At least the ACLU got it right.
"On Monday, members of the American Civil Liberties Union spoke with 10News, and they expressed outrage that local law enforcement had the device and that they had brought it to recent town hall meetings in case things got out of hand."

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