Tuesday, September 15, 2009

CA ACORN Sting Video - Updated

There Will Be Blood. Watch Glenn Beck tonight for all the details.

Ma’am Talks Regularly with Woman Who Killed her Husband?!?! From the excellent GayPatriot

New ACORN video: Murder in California?

The "murder" has a "self-defense" component but not a strong one. What gets me is that she claims she's run a brothel herself!

Of course, given ACORN and Obama's close, long, and well-documented relationship (here), it's not suprising that Obama's mouthpieces (aka the press) are keeping mum. Charles Gibbs is even pretending he's never heard of 'em. Charlie Gibson: Dan Rather Wearing Mary Mapes' Underwear and Great moments in gatekeeping.

ACORN's CEO is playing the race card over at there website here. It's all "smears" and "lies" even though they've GOT IT ON TAPE! Look, if ACORN is innocent and this is a hoax, then ACORN has also wrongfully fired several employees over this "hoax". I'd say its real and ACORN is scared.

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