Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We All Agree With Obama On This One

While anyone who spends more than two seconds on this website will realize I am no fan of Obama's I have to agree with him, Kayne is a "jackass".

And since I agree with Obama that Kayne is a jackass, I have to defend Obama's calling Kayne a jackass by pointint out that...

1) Kayne was a jackass for interupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech.

2) Obama's comments were "off the record" and not directed at the person who first tweeted them out aka as "private" a moment as anyone in the White House can expect.

3) He is still a human being. As leader of the United States, I expect certain standards of behavior - no public cursing, no attacking private citizens, no law-breaking, honest, transparency, etc.

But all presidents are also human beings with human being moments. You may be the "Leader of the Free World" but if you leave that toilet seat up, you're gonna hear about it from your wife. (Although it would be nice to see a chick president.)

So it is reported that Obama called a jackass, a jackass - in what is considered an off the record moment. B. F. D.

We would never get anyone to serve in any public office anywhere if they were never allowed to relax their guard in private. Does anyone think Kayne was not a jackass? Does anyone think Kayne should have interupted anyone's acceptance speech?

This is one of the rare instances that Obama has said something that we can all AGREE with. I'm not going to castigate the man for that.

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