Monday, September 14, 2009

TEA Party Protest Round-Up

From GatewayPundit - CLEAN Conservatives vs FILTHY Liberals-- A Photographic Essay Damn Dirty Hippies!

Tea Party March on DC Draws Somewhere between 2 million and 60,000 People. Go figure.

Still no love from the Washington Post and one single, hard-to-find article from the New York Times, here.

The American Spectator agrees with me that this lack of coverage "sucked"

DC wasn't the only place hosting TEA Party protests - Quincy Tea Party fires up participants and Tea Party speakers rally Quincy crowd with call to 'take back your country'

Final analysis (and coverage) from VodkaPundit Stephen Green here.

Tea Party in D.C. [Darleen Click] Updated again and again Pointing out that Obama left town for this.

How We Got Here.

I love the opening sentence to this post here, "Can you hear us now?" It's titled, "I Went To A Party, And America Showed Up." Nice photos too.

An Impression Of The Protest

A Small Gathering in the Capital

A day at the Conservative Woodstock Lots of pictures with this one!

Inside the 9/12 protest

Thousands Rally in Capital to Protest Big Government

Another review of the TEA Party protest NR Cruisers March

Some more pictures and videos in this post titled, "9/12 "Million MOB March" A Success Without MSM Help." Sweet.

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