Friday, September 18, 2009

The Pill is not A Panacea

Birth control could help combat climate change.

Sure, less people = less pollution, right.


First of all, more wealth = less pollution.

Secondly, calling for more women to have access to the Birth Control Pill is all well and good. But providing clean drinking water, easily accessible energy, and access to education are GREATER improvements to a woman's life than how many kids she has.

Finally, as my husband's book details, here, what environmentalists don't tell you is that fresh water fish are mutating as a direct result of the synthetic estrogen entering the water systems thanks to woman taking The Pill and then urinating what their body doesn't use into the water supply.

So if you care about the environment, you won't import this current crisis into poor countries fresh water systems. There are far better solutions for the environment and for improving women's lives than The Pill.

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