Monday, September 14, 2009

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 09-14 - Updated

Failure to discuss big government over-reach, including Obamacare protesters, is hurting Mainstream Media. T’was Accountability That Killed The MSM

Where Politics Don’t Belong

Give It to Us Straight

Like the creators of South Park who famously said, "We hate Republicans but we hate Liberals even more.", Libertarians make their own way in the world of politics. In this post over at Reason, they hit both Republicans and Democrats with "The Republican Health Care Failure. Why the GOP should save a share of blame for itself." They make some good points.

From the Boston Globe (!) What ‘right’ to health care?

Federal health care will mimic IRS

Anyone who quotes Peter Singer as a "good" source is a bad man.Death panels: Wrong name, right idea Basically this article argues for rationing healthcare. Or as the National Review cover article for 9/21 puts it Obamacare ushers in "The Creeping Culture of Euthanasia."

Health-Care Math. Mr. Obama says he won't add one dime to the deficit, but a lot of dimes remain unaccounted for.

The health care "reformers" go after medical technology

Review of the Sunday chatter - Today on the Sunday Talk Shows

From The Wall Street Journal's op-ed pages - Fact-Checking the President on Health Insurance. His tales of abuse don't stand scrutiny.

More fact-checking here with "Presidential Assertions vs. Facts"

That's It? That's the Bounce?

Congress Can’t Rely on Public Opinion

Democratic Dissenters. How many House votes will Obamacare lose because of its abortion subsidy? Hopefully all of them.

Wouldn't these organizations be the perfect vehicle for helping the uninsured? And yet, and yet - Nonprofit Groups Upset at Exclusion From Health Bills My husband's think tank is a non-profit by the way.

Instapundit "Glenn Reynolds on the hidden cost of national health care." from the Washington Examiner.

It’s Showdown Week for the Baucus Six, With a Medicaid Fight Looming.

Still not buying, I just do not trust these jokers. - Reform Opposition Is High but Easing. More Support if Public Option Dropped.

Gotta love the patronizing one gets from the Left - The Ghosts of 1994

Wait a Second. Why Shouldn’t We Insure Illegals? Maybe Virgil Goode can explain it to you with this post "Legal Immigrants and "Anchor Babies" Weigh Down Obamacare."

A Health Insurance Mandate That Works Like Auto Insurance? Think Again.

Baucus Remains Hopeful That Republicans Will Like Committee's Health Bill

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