Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 09-16

Thanks for helpin' Obama. Rangel: Health bill harder after Obama speech

Harry Reid ain't happy either. Health care bill won’t work for Nevada

Thank God The Kids Will Pay For Health Reform. They say that you always want your kids to do better than you did but apparently only those opposed to Obamacare believe that.

45% Of Doctors Would Consider Quitting If Congress Passes Health Care Overhaul. This does not suprise me. My husband has a British family member who was not only an award-winning British physician for the NHS but also someone who had to sit on the British version of a Death Panel (they are exist and they decide who lives or dies). She now teaches medicine because she could not longer stand the NHS. This is the inevitable outcome of ANY version of government-run healthcare. I promise you.

Will illegal immigrants be covered under health care reform? Muddled language makes it clear loopholes are being deliberately created.

Snowe falls away, leaving Senate Dems without GOP support on healthcare. Only a fool would support this bill. Oh.

Snowe Statement on Decision Not to Support for Baucus Bill.

According to this Gallup poll "40% would advise a "no" vote" on Obamacare. Of course, you can't tell that from the headline, "Healthcare Bill Supporters Cite Uninsured; Foes, Big Gov’t."

Rasmussen Reports are clearer. Here is the link for the Presidential Approval Index. Below is Daily Approval Rating.
And here is the report on the plummetting support for Obamacare, titled "Opposition to Health Care Reform Reaches New High at 55%" YIKES!

The Senate Is Ready to Act on Health Care. Our reform plan would protect the market for innovation. I think you mean that Obamacare will protect the market from innovation.

Baucus Releases Senate Health Care Proposal. And McConnell Statement on the Baucus Draft.

Grassley: 'We're being pushed aside'

The Cruelness of It All.

Dem Senator Warns of 'Big, Big Tax' on Middle Class in Baucus Bill. Not a lot of fans of Baucus's version of Obamacare I'm sensin'. Especially if a democrat is doing the warning.

Pass Obamacare So These Two Can Have More Fun! If Obamacare is taxpayer-funded, then isn't this a form of prostitution?

Liberals Blast Baucus Plan Who says American's are split? Here's a plan both the Right and the Left can hate equally.

On a lighter note, maybe putting in coverage for this will help Obamacare - One Study, a Heart Benefit for Chocolate.

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