Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pusback on ACORN Expose

"Patricia Jessamy, the Baltimore City State’s Attorney whose office threatened to prosecute the undercover reporters that exposed ACORN’s pimp-protecting and tax-evasion operation". askes why and pushes back at Jessamy for her hypocrisy in this post titled, "Will Baltimore prosecute other journalists, too?"

That the magnitude of liberal double-standards are finally being exposed is one think we can thank the Obama administration for. These folks would never have become as brazen as they are now if they hadn't believed they had the political cover of a leftwing legislature, a leftwing executive, and a leftwing press.

Were it not for the blogosphere, this rotting corruption would never see sunlight.

(Yes, I know it appears across the political spectrum. It's there just seems to be so much of it on the left these days. I mean compare 8 years of newspaper investigations during Bush with 8 months of blogosphere investigations during Obama.)

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