Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Poll With Revealling Insights

This AP/NCC poll offers some interesting insights into American opinion which are worth highlighting.

60% of Americans are opposed to government bailouts but the "number in favor drops to a third when jobs would be lost, without greater damage to the economy."

We like our checks and balances. "Three-fourths of Americans said no, up from two-thirds last year" to the question of "whether the president should have more power at the expense of Congress and the courts, if doing so would help the economy."

"Most people believe laws to protect the voting rights of minorities are no longer needed. Nearly two-thirds oppose preferences for minorities in hiring."

"The poll found a small majority in support of extending to same-sex couples the same benefits given to married, heterosexual couples. By a similar margin, however, Americans oppose government recognition of gay marriage."

And finally, there is now "even stronger support than a year ago for the view that the Constitution is an enduring document that remains relevant and that rule of law should be followed, even at the expense of short-term public safety considerations."

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