Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 09-15 - Updated

Baucus is supposed to be unveiling "his plan" today. If it involved overhauling the entire American healthcare system, then I still vote NO!

UPDATED - This smells like desperation. Obama Plans Back-to-Back TV Interviews Sunday (Except Fox. So now we all know what channel we'll be watching on Sunday.) Related news - Rich Lowry on How to Give a Speech Like Obama

New Objections to Baucus Health Care Proposal

Conservatives Unite Across The Nation As The Commander In Speech Continues The Hard Sell.

Another reason to beware Obamacare, the UK's NHS has been doing it for 60+ years and look what they've become... Government Medicine vs. the Elderly. In Britain in 2007-08, 16.5% of deaths came after 'terminal sedation.'
Baucus Remains Hopeful That Republicans Will Like Committee's Health Bill.

Sen. Jay Rockefeller Dumps on Baucus' Bill. I guess that's a NO then.

Medicare facing cancer, cardiac care cuts. Reimbursements for oncologists and cardiologists are on the federal government's chopping block in the next six weeks. Hope and Change, ya'll.

From Rasmussen. Support for Health Care Plan Falls Back To Pre-Speech Levels Also from Rasmussen: Toplines - Health Care - September 11-12, 2009

Newsweek - class act. The Case for Killing Granny

Health care reform faces inconvenient questions

Is It Wishful Thinking or Lying?

Mitch McConnell Smiled? The President is CPR for the GOP.

Health Polling: It's 1993 All Over Again.

Opinion: So far, Obama's failing miserably. By Jeremy Lott (FoH - Friend of Husband - and a really good guy, read his book about VPs titled, Warm Bucket Brigade. It's hilarious. Oh, and buy my husband's book too while you're at it. They make great Christmas presents!)

Boohoo Obama Needs to Cheer Up. Cramer.

You Won. Why are you still campaigning when there is actual work to be done, Obama? Forget the Oval Office, Obama's out campaigning again today Is it just me or is Obama slowly revealing that he is too insecure to do anything except what he believes he is good at? I'm beginning to wonder. We need a leader not a campaigner.

ObamaCare v. Prescription Drugs

Yes, Those Inflated Uninsured Numbers Really Are Inflated. Reforming Medicaid would help more of the actual uninsured than Obamacare would ever do, for less.

Obamacare runs counter to GOP principles. No, Obamacare runs counter to American values of individual liberty and freedom.

Immigrants, Health Care and Lies

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