Saturday, September 12, 2009

Final TEA Party Update for 9-12

I'm sure we'll see a lot of analysis tomorrow and Monday but for now below are the latest links I could find.

UK's Daily Mail is reporting - Up to two million march to US Capitol to protest against Obama's spending in 'tea-party' demonstration. I'd be surprised if that number is true because that would be twice the inaugral numbers but this photo is impressive.

Time Lapse Aerial Video of 9/12 Protestors Brilliant!

NRO at the 912 March - scroll down for some pretty wonderful pictures of protest signs.

Dueling Narratives in DC

VodkaPundit's continuous updating here. "They will be heard is good" but I still like Can't Stop The Signal best.

Memo to Baghdad Bob Gibbs: The Infidels Have Arrived.

Tea Party Express Takes Washington By Storm

The New York Post via AP is reporting - Marchers say, 'Enough spending!'
And direct from AP comes this - Thousands of downtown DC protesters blast Obama

Tea party activists rally at U.S. Capitol - From CNN with reasonable number of links.

Videos below:


  1. Thanks for this--I just linked to a couple of your posts in one that I have going up on my blog; but as a fellow Brownshirt, I had to say thanks for the Firefly/Serenity reference.

  2. Thanks for the link back. Enjoy the Capitalist Coffee!