Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

From the UK's Telegraph comes this "shocker"...
Organic food is a waste of money As much as I supported Whole Foods CEO Mackey, I did not buy organic food there for pretty much the reasons below.
The organic brands at Tesco, Waitrose and Asda scored worse than each supermarket’s basic, standard and premium ranges. Only at Sainsbury’s did organic food not come bottom, and that was only because its Basics range is so bad. Hard though it may be to believe, Asda’s standard range scored higher than Waitrose’s organic range. [snip]

The idea that organic food is worth more because it is healthier is totally bogus. Only last month the Food Standards Agency, the unbiased government agency set up to protect the public’s health, published a report concluding that organic food has no greater nutritional value than conventional produce.

The idea that organic food is better for the environment is also questionable. Organic milk, for example, generates more carbon dioxide emissions than standard milk and uses significantly more land.
Read the whole thing.

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