Saturday, September 12, 2009

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 09-11 & 12

Today's Obamacare Daily Round-Up is a combination of yesterday's and today's as I shut down in memorial of Sept. 11th. Obviously, I'm back and here goes.

From Forbes, "Obama's Health Care Plan: Put Up And Shut Up"

Given the lack of coverage we are seeing on today's TEA Party protest, this headline is unsurprising, "Democrats stifle Republican health care plans."

CATO translated Obama's speech. Obama’s Health Care Speech in Plain English

For O, It's 'My Way or the Highway' David Limbaugh's Take on the Speech.

Medicare Is No Model for Health Reform. Many doctors refuse Medicare patients because payments are so low. From the Wall Street Journal.

Also from WSJ - The President's Tort Two-Step Special-interests and the health-care status quo

Health care faces some big legislative bottlenecks. God Willing!

Obama's savings' won't pay for health plan, experts say

Shouting truth to power pays off! Rep. Wilson Outburst Leads Senate Dems to Close Loophole in Health Reform Bill. It's paying of for Wilson too, S.C.'s Wilson Rakes In $750,000 in Less Than 48 Hours; Opponent Tops $1 Million

From The Washington Post - Wrong Map For Health Reform

Talking points from The Washington Examiner titled "Obama's top five tax fibs in Wednesday evening speech."

Obama says he address this concern about illegal immigrants getting free Obamacare on the backs of US taxpayers. But do you trust him to actually do it?

The Town Halls of August. They're here, they're conservative, get used to it.

Details Still Lacking On Obama Proposal. White House Unclear on How Some Far-Reaching Goals Would Be Met.

VIDEO: Would ObamaCare Cover Sticker-Shock Treatment? From Hit & Run over at Reason. Gotta love those libertarians!

Also from the good folks at Reason, No American Should Have to Choose Between Health Insurance and Getting Drunk.

Mark Steyn's take on Where Is Obama’s ‘Center’? Look at his Rolodex and then figure out just where such a man would estimate it to be

Tevi Troy has two pieces on Obamacare from National Review. First, Waste, Fraud, and Yadda Yadda Yadda and second, More on Med Mal Reform. Both are well linked and quick reads.

Micheal Gerson over at the Washington Post points out that democrats are great recyclers of worn-out and failed ideas in his op-ed titled, "Where's the Party of Ideas?" He claims republicans are the party of anger but then he hasn't visited Shout First to read about many, many anti-big-government ideas that ARE out there that could solve our healthcare issues WITHOUT converting 1/8th of the US economy into a socialist regime.

47% Now Favor Health Care Reform Plan, 49% Oppose It will be interesting to see if that Rasmussen pool changes after today's TEA Protest.

This could work (copied from NRO - The Corner. I can't figure out how to link to them.) By Rich Lowry via a reader's email.
Another Trigger Idea
Via e-mail:
Subject: What about giving the Republicans everything they want on HC Reform...

…and then have a trigger for the public option if it doesn’t work? Seems fair to me…

They could include the following:
-Modify tax policy to eliminate the disincentives for individual purchase of health insurance and health care.

-Eliminate regulatory barriers that prevent small businesses from cooperatively pooling and self-insuring their health risks by liberalizing the rules that govern voluntary health care purchasing cooperatives.

-Eliminate laws that prevent interstate purchase of health insurance by individuals and businesses.

-Eliminate rules that prevent individuals and group purchasers from tailoring health insurance plans to their needs, including federal and state benefit mandates and community rating requirements.

-Eliminate artificial restrictions on the supply of health care services and products, such as the over regulation of drugs and medical devices, as well as state and federal restrictions on who may provide medical services and how they must be delivered.

-Improve the availability of provider and procedure-specific cost and quality data for use by individual health consumers.

-Reform the jackpot malpractice liability system that delivers windfall punitive damage awards to small numbers of injured patients while it raises malpractice insurance costs for doctors and incentivizes the practice of defensive medicine.

An Obama Speech in 13 Easy Steps. Don’t be overly bedazzled by Obama’s rhetorical prowess.

Viewership to last night’s address was down 38.6%

Good Advice, if only Obama and Congress would listen.

From The Hill - Obama sets stage for using budget maneuver to pass health reform

Heal for America

In for a penny, in for a Trillion. After Obamacare, the Cap and Tax Bill, the Stimulus, Amnesty for illegals, this is coming at us, from The Wall Street Journal - The Quietest Trillion. Congratulations. You're about to own $100 billion a year in student loans.

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