Sunday, September 6, 2009

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 09-06

Town Hall, Tea Party protests have long history in America - article from Glenn Reynolds (instapundit) in The Washington Examiner.

The Courier-Journal reports on Saturday's Tea Party Protest with "‘Tea Party' fills Louisville Park" Well Good.

Rasmussen Reports has this article up titled, "Does Obama Face a 2012 Challenge In His Own Party?". Basically, they are reporting that progressives and liberals are so unhappy with Obama's handling of Obamacare that they are considering putting up someone to run against Obama in 2012. Ouch!

Not This Pig It's good and it is from Victor Davis Hanson who is brilliant. Read both pages.

Obama’s UN Gambit: King of the Universe and the Polls Given Obama's ghastly handling of domestic and foriegn policy, you'd think he'd just want to lie low for a bit but chairing a UN meeting when the Iranians are saying this about you..."As a Tehran newspaper close to the regime snickered in July: “Their strategy consists of begging us to talk with them.”

The article ends with...
The administration’s zeal for the front-page photo-op on September 25’s New York Times has now become a scramble to manufacture an “outcome” for the session. The president’s idea for a glorious finish was described by Ambassador Rice as some kind of joint statement declaring in part “that we are united in support for effective steps to ensure nuclear nonproliferation.”

Such a result would be breathtaking — for the audacity of claiming exactly the opposite of what it really represents. Even allied council members France and the United Kingdom are reported to be very unhappy with Obama’s no-names strategy for his September rollout.

Far from bolstering his flagging image, the president’s group-hug theory of diplomacy deserves the disdain of anyone who can separate rhetoric from reality.

Pelosi loath to drop hammer on Rangel. This is an interesting insight into how Congress will handle Obamacare because if Pelosi has to keep a crook like Rangel because he's the best of the democrats who will keep to the left-wing agenda, then our nation is in a sorry state.

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