Saturday, September 12, 2009

More 9/12 TEA Party Protest

The crowd knows CNN is NOT on their side. ‘Go Home!’: DC Crowd Drowns Out CNN Reporter During Live Report The crowd starts with "Tell. The. Truth.", probably because CNN doesn't address the TEA Protest or its concerns but stands in front of the crowd and talks about Rep. Wilson. WTF?

On the spot Video Interview here from

Steve Green (VodkaPundit) is on-the-scene here and updating regularly.

Clips of Lee Doran's speech today at the TEA Party protest!
First Clips of My Speech on the Capitol in front 100,000+

From MyWayNews - Thousands march to US Capitol to protest spending

The Washington Post has one major headline up on their website about the tens of thousands of people marching through their front yard AND they make it only available if you sign up. It's like they want to go out of business.

GOP embraces conservative groups’ protest

GOP Sees Protest As an Opportunity I think the real question here is why doesn't the Mainstream Media see this as an opportunity to DO THIER JOB?

Conservatives From Across the Country Arrive in Washington for Tea Party

Thousands flood downtown to protest spending

MSNBC Tries to bury the news AND willfully mis-identify this protest with this headline, "Thousands of Anti-Obama Protestors March in D.C." It's not anti-Obama, it's anti-tax. It's the economy, Stupid.

Tea Party Express Arrives for 'March on Washington' to Protest Government Spending

Thousands pack downtown D.C. to protest spending

Thousands pack D.C. to protest spending, taxes

Tea Party Rally Sparks Dispute Over Potential Turnout

Activists to protest government spending in D.C.

At least the New York Times acknowledges that this isn't a party affiliation thing but an anti-tax protest in this article titled, "Thousands Rally in Capital to Protest Big Government."

CNN is burying the TEA Party on their website or putting up unfavorable video here.

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