Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Show-Trial In NYC

What kills me about this whole debacle is that, in the end, this is essentially a show-trial. We know KSM is responsible because he says he is. He has admitted guilt. The idea of this civil trial being "fairer" than a military one is laughable. The death penalty is a lock. With what appears-to-be a pre-ordained decision, why put NYC through this unless it is not KSM on show-trial but GWB?

Role of ACLU Decisive in Moving KSM Trial to New York. The organization lobbied hard behind closed doors to make this day a reality for the 9/11 mastermind.

Civil Trials for Jihadists and Obama's Third World Vision for America

Second Thoughts on Eric Holder

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Trial Will Be a Three-Ring Circus. Isn't planning a show trial in a New York courtroom the same kind of mistake that led to 9/11?

The Enemy Is Watching: Giving the 9/11 Mastermind Exactly What He Wants

Re: Holder's 'Decision'

HAIR OF THE DOG: Obama is in Asia, Hillary & Rudy Are Everywhere Else

What's Eric Holder Up To? His decision to move the trials of AL Qaeda suspects to NYC isn't popular in the area hardest hit by 9/11.

Obama's error by trial: Civilian justice for 9/11 plotters is profound, dangerous mistake

NY Gov changes his mind: Sept. 11 trial in NYC a bad idea

CNN Poll: Americans want KSM tried in military court

How Hard Will It Be to Convict Khalid Sheikh Mohammed? Recent Supreme Court rulings portend a disastrous trial.

Illinois’ Gov And Senator Think Terrorists Bring ‘Good-Paying Jobs’

Dennis Miller: What to do in the downtime between prayers

White House Keeps On Kowtowing, Now Giving Jihadists the Rights of U.S. Citizens

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