Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In Economic Woes 11-17

From my husband - The Train Wreck Approacheth

Another Dumbass Idea from Barney Frank - House Democrats push largest firms to pre-pay for possible failures

Mortgage delinquencies hit another record in 3Q

Bernanke's Impossible Risk-Management Dream AND Bernanke reassures markets on dollar

TARP watchdog: Fed mishandled AIG

After two former Bear Stearns hedge-fund managers were acquitted of fraud charges last week, Charlie Gasparino says prosecutors are afraid to bring new cases. And that’s a good thing.

The Reckoning

The Permanent TARP: Too Big to Fail as Permanent Federal Policy

Obama to Taxpayers: I Hope You Enjoyed the Gift, Because Now I Want It Back

Real Obama Miracle: Creates Jobs AND Congressional Districts With Wave of Hand

Re: Where Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops

China Schools Obama on Free Market Capitalism

ABC News Exclusive: Obama Admin Slashed 60,000 Jobs From Recent Stimulus Report

Recovery.gov shows money flowing to nonexistant districts AND Stimulus Spent Over $617k in Non-Existent Missouri District

Taxpayers on hook as some bailed-out firms prove frail. With CIT in bankruptcy, U.S. is faulted for investing in weakened companies

Going Galt? Out. Going Geithner — In AND GOP candidate wants Geithner to be replaced

Stop lying about those stimulus jobs AND Dave Obey Chides Obama Administration For 'Stupid Mistakes' On Stimulus Reporting

GM on Outsourcing Production to Overseas, Non-Union Shops: You Want Us to Pay You Back, Right

Why you Still Shouldn't Be Fooled by 10.2%

Time to Bury the "Death Tax"

President Obama creates new task force to crack down on financial fraud. I'm sure it will combine the intellect of Barney Frank with the integrity of Chris Dodd.

Audit Faults New York Fed in A.I.G. Bailout

U.S. Dollar Has A Long Way To Fall. China's right, the U.S. government wants to inflate its way out of debt.

US urges China to strengthen renminbi

"Stimulus" Fuzzy Math of the Day: No Hope for Michigan in "Stimulus" Plan

TIGTA: Obama Tax Credit to Leave 15.4m Workers With Additional Tax Bill

The worst is yet to come: Unemployed Americans should hunker down for more job losses

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