Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cowards. COWARDS!

I am trying to contact my Senators. Their regional office voicemail boxes are full and no one is answering in DC.


Taking this vote on a Saturday Night is cowardly. Not responding to your constitutents is cowardly. And destroying the health, well-being and economies of your state is cowardly.

Here is the email I sent my Senator. Feel free to copy and paste. Find your Senator here.

Dear Sen.,

My name is ___________ and I'm going to be very straightforward with you. If you vote yes and pass this healthcare bill, I will make it my personal mission to see you never have a political career again. I will enlist friends and neighbors to vote against you. I will donate money to your political foes. I will run a website that focuses on your every misstep. In short, I will never vote for you again but rather work tirelessly for anyone who runs against you.


Because you, sir, are threatening the health of me and my family. You are threatening the economic health of my family and my country. And you, sir, are threatening to allow the government control over my body - something women have fought against since Roe v. Wade.

Please stop and do not vote for this healthcare program. For I will keep watch and I will check the tallies and if you do do vote yes, then, sir, I will do all in my power to make sure that yes vote was you voting your career over.

Quite Sincerely,

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