Friday, November 20, 2009

Political Corruption Round-Up 11-20

Politics California Style: Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman. Like Boxer, Pelosi and Waxman are scum-sucking bottom-feeders.

A two-fer! Harry Reid Wants to Vote on a Phantom Bill (Dem Dirty Tricks Edition)

Senate to Move Forward on Lael Brainard's Nomination Despite Tax Problems

Not Punished!! Senate Ethics Panel Admonishes Burris

Jane Fonda: Obama Funder Jodie Evans Met With Taliban; Code Pink Gives Terrorists Direct Line to Obama

The Worst Kind Of Ally! And that's from America's Best Friend!

Did the Chinese Government Crack Down on an Obama Interview?

Internment, CSI and Eric Holder’s Disarming of America

KSM and O.J.

Why Would Obama Take Such a Risk with KSM?

Holder's True Motive

Did Holder stiff Senate on Justice Dept. lawyers who defended jihadis?

Serve, Don’t Dictate: Long-Time Conservative D.C. Insiders Need To Go. I like Grover but he did steal a bottle of wine I wanted to steal from an empty table at a think tank's annual dinner. Still....

Proving its a political decision - NPR Shocker: Attorney General Holder Stumped By Lindsey Graham AND How Hard Can AG Holder Have Studied The KSM Question?

Video shows Sen. Obama thought a military tribunal was fine for Khalid Shaikh Mohammed

Travesty in New York We are giving KSM a farcical show trial.

Sen. Schumer’s (D, NY) unsurprising tribunal reversal.

The Big Question: How will the 9/11 trials play out legally, politically?

Trial and Terror

Obama Stimulus Numbers: The Return of Enron-Style Accounting

A two-fer! The $100 Million Health Care Vote? AND McCain on Landrieu’s $100 Million

Breaking the no middle class tax increase pledge (again)

In Praise of Inexperience A president who knew what he was doing could do lots more damage. AND The Deadline Presidency. Does it matter that Obama is behind schedule on most of his major plans?

Congress to Investigate Fake Districts AND As federal stimulus mistakes get weeded out phantom N.H. districts disappear

Geithner: Economy Is Better By Any Measurement

Surprise: Has a Credibility Problem

Shut Up He Explained - Finally, A Congressman With a Solution: Stop Complaining So Much

Brutal: Obama’s approval among independents down to … 34/51; Update: Support for ObamaCare down to 40/52 AND Goodness. Sarah Palin Favorable Rating 47%… Barack Obama Job Approval Rating 46% OUCH!

The Permanent TARP. Current financial reform proposals would establish 'too big to fail' as national policy.

Congressional Report: Rhee did 'damage control' after sex charges against fiance Kevin Johnson AND Obama accused of doing favors for ally

Obama the undecider

Fox News Poll: Approval of President Obama Hits New Low

From Gallup via Ben Smith Sub-50%

Vote records can hamper member's political ambitions

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