Friday, November 20, 2009

In Economic Woes 11-20

Watch this video and weep - The Decline.

Pork Report November 20, 2009: B-I-N-G-O Edition AND Pork Report November 19, 2009: Party Cruise Edition AND Pork Report November 17, 2009: Post Office Edition

Worse Than Taxes: The Spending

US lawmakers: New tax should pay for Afghan war

Housing Recovery Built on Sand

State Recessions, Big Government Obsessions

"Stimulus" Fuzzy Math of the Day: Jobs Without Spending Money, Money Spent Without Jobs

Prepare Yourself For The Worst Case Scenario!

Economy in the Lurch: Negative Interest Rates, the Fed Audit, and Geithner in the Dock

House Attacks Fed, Treasury. Panel Votes for Tighter Political Rein on Central Bank; Some Call for Geithner to Quit

Tax Cheat Geithner Urged to Step Down During House Hearing… He Refuses (Video)

Go Ron Go! - Rep. Ron Paul, who has sought to audit the Federal Reserve for 26 years, has inched ever so much closer to his goal.

Threatening the Fed's independence

Geithner Resignation Calls May Increase as 2010 Election Nears

Why No One Expects a Strong Recovery. When you repeal sound economic policies you repeal their results.

Mr. President, Where Are the Jobs?

Hollywood's Catered Stimulus

Obama to Taxpayers: America Needs More Picnic Tables

U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform Cites Dangers of American Lawsuit Abuse in European Collective Action Debate

All Eyes on Pittsburgh - Taxing tuition?

Where Scientific Stimulus Funding Went. A government website details where $21 billion in funding for R&D was allocated.

Kelo, GM, and the Stimulus: Three Examples of Government-Induced Failure

The American Version of the French 35-Hour Workweek Model

Threatening the Fed's independence

Third Party Financing. Ethical & Legal Ramifications in Collective Actions

Dodd: Bernanke confirmation 'not necessarily' a foregone conclusion

Ousted Goldman CEO and Ousted NJ Governor Jon Corzine to Head Bank of America?

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