Saturday, November 21, 2009

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 11-21

For years, women fought like tigers to keep the government "off my body". What the hell do they think Obamacare will do if enacted but put the government all over their bodies?!? And women (being the childbearers to start) use healthcare far more than men, but it's women's healthcare that is first to be rationed (mammograms). So again I ask, what are American women thinking when they support this ghastly bill?!?

Palin on Reid 'In the Midnight Hour' Unleash your minions Sarah and get them to vote the bums out!

GOP: Health test recommendations could affect care

Is Female Health Care Under Attack for the Second Time in a Week?

Women's Health Recommendations Could Affect Care

Following in Waxman's (classy) footsteps - Health Care Payola. Harry Reid is passing out goodies in hopes of garnering the 60 votes he needs.

Reid bill: 16M uninsured U.S. citizens pay a penalty tax. 8M uninsured illegal aliens do not.

Congress: Gov’t healthcare for thee but not for me

Smart, defensive thinking on the part of those 11 states. My state might be one of them, contact your state legislators and see what your state can do. Some states already poised to opt out of government-run public health plan

The Broder Strategy

Why at night on a Saturday unless you're trying to hide. Scumbags! From the Senate, it's Saturday night: Healthcare debate vote looms

Conservative Democrats May Be Voting for It to Proceed, But They're Not Happy with It

ObamaCare By the Numbers

Crapo: Read the Senate health bill yourself

Sen Reid: Opposition to Health Care Vote is ‘Orwellian’ How can that possibly be when Obamacare itself IS Orwellian.

Obamacare Protest Today -

Moderate Dems pivotal in Saturday health care vote

In Case You're Just Tuning In

Landrieu leans yes in Sat. cliffhanger

AARP Received $18 Million In Stimulus Money (UPDATED with AARP response) I think what you mean is the AARP received $18 million in TAXPAYER'S money.

Serving the World's Poor

What the What? Landrieu: I’ll Vote for New Government Health Care, If You Fix Old Government Health Care

Who's Legislating Morality Now?

The Real Costs Of ReidCare

McConnell: Dems have health bill votes, but GOP won’t give up

Congress, We Don’t Trust You With Health Care At All

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