Friday, November 20, 2009

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 11-20

MELT HIS PHONES! (202) 224-6551 Sen. Nelson a 'yes' on health care test vote

Health Care Cloture Vote Officially Scheduled For 8PM Saturday Night AND Senator Reid's Weekend Warriors. If this is such a great bill then why the rush and why the Saturday Night votes. Sleazy. Sleazy. Sleazy.

How to Get ObamaCare Supporters Out of the House ... and the Senate

Full Text of Senate Health Care Bill: 2,074 Pages AND Reid’s Turkey

I (heart) Joe - Joe Lieberman slams public option, brushes off critics

Health Reform Lifeline for Unions

Inside Harry Reid’s Massive Health Care Tax Plan

A two-fer! Harry Reid Wants to Vote on a Phantom Bill (Dem Dirty Tricks Edition)

Senate Health Care Bill: $370+ Billion Tax Hike

A two-fer! ObamaCare: Show Me the SEIU Money!

A two-fer! The $100 Million Health Care Vote?

Pelosi’s Healthcare Vision: Government Mandate or Jail

es Harry Reid's Health Care Bill Create a "Fed" for Medicare?

"Democrats and Unaffiliateds More Likely To Be Unemployed Than Republicans"

GOP Leaders: AARP Should Reconsider Endorsement of PelosiCare

Gov Phil says every member of Congress should be forced to sit with him in the budget hearings on Medicaid to appreciate how much extra expense they will be adding to State Budgets because of Congress healthcare "reform" proposals.

Major tax increases in the Reid health care bill

Reid's fuzzy math

Dems to Tax Cosmetic Surgery

If You've Lost The Dean Of the Harvard Medical School...

Jesse Jackson: “You can’t vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man”

Checking the ObamaCare Math

The Real Cost of Government-Run Health Care

Sebelius's cave-in on mammograms is a setback for health-care reform. (So it is a win/win!)

InAction Obama - Action This Year . . . Or Not

The Trouble With Harry's Health Care Bill

Fred Thompson’s Harry Reid Impression

Cancer Screenings - Rational Advice or Rationed Care?

Is Female Health Care Under Attack for the Second Time in a Week?
House moves to protect doctors from Medicare cuts

The Casey Standard

Bishops Press Obama to Strike Senate Provision Allowing Federal Abortion Funding

First, stop Medicare and Medicaid fraud. That's what I've been saying!!

Doc Fix or Doc Tricks?

Democrats' Health Care Sleight of Hand

Waiting on Mr. Write...

Women and ObamaCare

How Does the Reid-Obama Health Bill Raise Taxes on Your Current Health Plan?

Menendez: Illegal immigrants should be able to buy health insurance from exchanges

'It All Leads Back to Rahm Emanuel'

The Affluent "Uninsured"

Most See No Upside to Health Care Reforms

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