Monday, November 16, 2009

Corruption Daily Round-Up 11-16

Maybe it is nitpicking but I really dislike the idea of any American leader bowing to a foreign dignitary. Japan expert to ABC: Yes, Obama’s bow made him look like an idiot AND On President Obama's Bow to the Japanese Emperor, An Academic Friend Writes That Both the Left and the Right Are Wrong AND The World Shakes Hands With the Emperor; Obama Bows

Obama’s swelling ego

Will GM Spend Taxpayer Bailout Money on Overseas Operations?

Amnesty's Last Chance?

Dual roles as athlete, businessman present tough balancing act for Heath Shuler

Off the Chart

Anthraxing New York

Immigration: new facts emerging

Re: A Fair Trial AND New York Doesn't Deserve This Madness From Obama

Take the 10th--Please!

Contrast recent media coverage

Al Gore's Current TV Calls Sarah Palin a 'Gun-Ho' and a 'TWILF'

Source: CNN wanted Lou out

ACORN Still Owes $2.3 Million in Overdue Taxes

ATR, AWF demand probe of SEIU’s Stern for illegal lobbying AND How Andy Stern Got Around Obama’s “No Lobbyist” Policy; He Just Didn’t Register

My Trip To The ACORN/ Move On Rally!

The Future of Wade Rathke and ACORN, Part III: Wade Rathke Wants to Rule the World

SEIU: Building a New American Health Care Empire?

Union and Whistleblower Complaint Documents SEIU Ballot Fraud

2010: The Kyoto Election

Exposing the Animal Rights Agenda

How Sweeping Are the ‘Global Warming’ Bills?

World leaders back delay to final climate deal

Obama retreats on climate change But wait, didn't he say, "Delay is no longer an option. Denial is no longer an acceptable response."? AND it took him 71 vehicles to get to the "climate summit".

Russia's Medvedev warns of climate catastrophe

Al Gore and the Great Debate: Will He or Won’t He?

Net Neutrality Fight Causing New Rifts On the Left

Cramer v. Cramer

Soaking The Rich Doesn't Work In Britian

Obama Is Censored By Chinese Government, Despite Declaring That He "Understands" Communism

Prayer: The Calm in the Storm of Politics

Punching People in the Face for America

Where Are the Women in Business?

Belle de Jour owns up to her mother

God Bless Him - The Importance of Being Lieberman
It was a beautiful day for a Rolling Tea Party.......

WSJ Review of Going Rogue - Her Side of the Story. McCain aides kept her out of the loop, focusing instead on 'packaging.'

For the Dems, What a Difference a Year Makes

Alaska Fights To Reverse Polar Bear Listing

Why Conservatives Should Applaud Obama’s Efforts at Education Reform

From my neck of the woods - The makings of a novelist

The Spirit of 9/12 — and 1776

From Instapundit -
A TEA PARTY PROTEST IN SALT LAKE CITY: Reader David Kirkham emails:
Saturday we had the most important Tea Party in Utah to date! We have a delegate system here in Utah. If a candidate wins 60% of the delegate votes at the convention they become the party nominee and there is NO PRIMARY election–the winner immediately advances to the general election. This delegate process levels the playing field and allows for challengers with relative little money to take on an entrenched incumbent like Senator Bennett.

We (Tea Party and 912ers) decided it was time to put down our protest signs and start to organize for the convention. Notice there are no signs in the pictures. This was strictly business. We got all our email lists together and put out a call to action for a Tea Party/912 event to train people how to become delegates. During the event, I asked how many people were currently delegates…no more than 8-10 people raised their hands. There were all NEW people to the political process.

We had the Utah State Capitol people (GREAT guys) set up 500 chairs and it was standing room only. There must have been 600 people at the event–they all drove through a snow storm to be there. Everyone one of them wants to be a delegate. There are only 3,300 delegates in the state. We gathered names and emails and are currently breaking them down into the precincts. We are setting up precinct captains for further training mobilization. A State Representative told me he simply could not believe the turn out. The most telling comment of the day came from another State Representative, “Bennett’s toast.”

No media–oh well. We’ll do it without them.

I guess I’m a community organizer now LOL.

Those are springing up everywhere lately. Pic below.

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