Sunday, November 15, 2009

Corruption Daily Round-Up 11-15

Axelrod Signals Obama Will Try to Strip Abortion Language From Health Care Bill

In House, Many Spoke With One Voice: Lobbyists’

Obama Has a "Boundaries" Problem

This Is Getting Embarrassing... (Updated w/ Video)
PS--If I were Queen Elizabeth II--who didn't get a bow from Obama--I'd be pretty PO'ed.

Christians Suffer Under the Palestinian Authority. The American government refuses to acknowledge the medieval abuses of Christians at the hands of the Palestinian Authority.

Axelrod: U.S. may not hit Gitmo deadline

Explainer Wanted: Why would a politician ever concede

Corzine Staff Is Already Preparing To Take Over Bank Of America

State Finance Directors Warn of More Trouble Ahead

KSM Hits Manhattan—Again. Eric Holder's decision to move a trial on war crimes to American soil is morally confused, dangerous and political to a fault.

Why Tragedy Will Be Result of Dems Rush to Victory on Health Reform

Palin accuses the AP of doing 'opposition research' in fact check

Palin's way of talkin' dissected, you betcha

More Than Ever, You Can Say That on Television

I'm Not Typically Paranoid...

That's Rich AND Re: That's Rich

ACORN lawsuit raises question: Can it survive?

SEIU President Andy Stern Discusses Health Care, Obama, ACORN

Obama’s ACORN Connection Can’t Survive Inspection

A Victory Against Obama’s Unionism in New Hampshire

World leaders back delay to final climate deal

Gore's presentation on climate change draws 800 as 200 protestors gather outside AND Hundreds of Protesters Greet Al Gore at Florida Junk Science Speech (Video)

Scots Outraged Over Bomber's Release

China dissidents 'detained ahead of Obama visit'

Nazism and Islamofascism

Extremism and Anti-Semitism at London School of Economics

Hutchison won’t resign Senate seat before gubernatorial primary

Dems at risk of losing Obama's old Senate seat. 2010 | Party lacks candidate able to scare off GOP contender Kirk

Young conservative activist Hannah Giles speaks in Santa Barbara. The 20-year-old who rocked ACORN with a series of secret videos addresses college students about guerrilla warfare.

Canada to Immigrants: No Tolerance for “Honor” Killing

Tea Partiers Come to the Aid of California Farmers

McConnell: Conservative split in Republican races 'no threat at all'

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