Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Corruption Daily Round-Up 11-17


Crypt-Keeper Alert - I Bet He's No Fan of Term Limits
At midnight tonight, God willing, Senator Byrd will become the longest-serving congressman ever. I'd forgotten that he's president pro tempore of the Senate, and thus third in line for the presidency. But considering that he turns 92 on Friday...
I'm a big fan of term limits, especially every time I think of Sen. Byrd. As I point out in my Senate Crypt-Keeper post (here and above), Sen. Byrd has been in Congres since January 3, 1959 aka 50 years. According to this website here based on the Annual Estimates of the Resident Population by Sex and Five-Year Age Groups for the United States, 60% of the US population had NOT BEEN BORN when Sen. Byrd took office. That's just wrong.

That Corruptin’ Town. Let’s fix Chicago. By Conrad Black

Five Terrible Cruelties of Liberalism

A Jacksonian Republican sweep? AND The Silver Lining of the Left in Power

Hoffman 'unconcedes' in N.Y.-23 House race

Matthew Berry to challenge Jim Moran (D, VA-08)

Thomas Sowell - Bowing to "World Opinion"

The diplomacy of deference AND Obama bows, the nation cringes AND Will Obama Bow to Beijing?

Fred Barnes: Dems won't win by passing an unpopular bill

The Road To NH-00

Buzz Kill: The FDA Wants to Regulate How You Party.

In judicial wars, Repubs admit they have no ammo

Obama's Radical Rogues Gallery

Republicans who endorsed Holder have second thoughts

CA Dems to Obama: Get Out of Afghanistan

Calif. D.A. Brown’s Office Will Face Independent Investigation for Secretly Recorded Conversations

Slouching Toward Weakness AND Why Isn’t He Better at Being President?

Needless Suffering

House panel opens impeachment hearings vs. judge


ObamaCare: Show Me the SEIU Money!

A good idea is a good idea. Ban government employee unions

Is There a Merit Badge for Strikebreaking?

SEIU’s Targeted Townhall Violence: You Started It And Now You Don’t Like it

Oh, That Liberal Fascism

ACORN in L.A. Gets a Clean Bill of Health . . . Or Does It?

Hidden-camera activists have praise for ACORN's L.A. office [Updated] AND Hell freezes over: ACORN employee refuses to aid and abet underaged prostitution

**BREAKING** The LA Story, Part III: ACORN Employee of the Year, Felix D. Harris

Sean Hannity Shows ACORN Undercover Video from Los Angeles; Talks to O'Keefe and Giles - Video

Has CAIR Violated the Iranian Assets Control Regulations?

If the Unions want it, can it be good? AFL-CIO wants TARP funds to target small businesses, not Wall Street


Talk Radio Dark Continent

Why was the New York Times raided? New York Newspaper Offices Raided in Corruption Probe

Sarah Palin: Newsweek Newsweek's pathetic bid to be "relevant" is destroyed by their irrelevant rehashing of discredited Palin myths by Hitchens, et al. This cover is another sad example of Libprog's dislike of all women in general and conservative women specifically.

The Palin Score

Is FCC Declaring ‘Open Season’ on Internet Freedom? AND Internet inches closer to 'internationalisation' I'm sure those "freedom fighters" in the United Nations are responsible enough to have control of the American-created Internet. Yeah right!

Roger Kimball Nails the Lou Dobbs Departure AND Here's Your Bag of Money, What's Your Hurry?

AP Buries Inconvenient Results of Latest Healthcare Poll

Who Cares about Cuba?

NBC’s ObamaVision: ‘Law and Order’ — ‘This Is Why We Need Health-Care Reform’


From my husband - Why Won't Al Debate? What are you scared of Al?

From my husband - Petition Against Green Protectionism

Bjorn Lomborg: Cap and trade sows seeds of devastation

Copenhagen's Collapse. The climate change sequel is a bust.

Obama Has Failed The World On Climate Change (Personally, I think that's a good thing.)

Yawn. Obama says summit in Copenhagen will ‘rally world’ for climate change push


Glimpse of Our Future? In Great Britain a soldier has been arrested for turning in a firearm. WTF!?! 'Commonsense' Gun Control

Police Push On With Probe Of Michael Scott's Death. Chicago School Board President's Death Was Ruled A Suicide, But Investigation Continues Well, this is Chicago.

U.S. Now Exports Terror: American Linked to Mumbai Attack. A Chicago-area raid looks to have captured a planner of the massacre.

Oy Canada. Anti-Semitism in Canada? No way, eh?

Turn of the Screw Here are two gentle wake-up calls for those foolish enough to believe that the EU Constitution Lisbon Treaty would be the end — for a while — of the EU's drive to ever-closer union.

Good. Nuclear Plant Built for Iran Is Delayed, Russia Says BUT UN Agency Can’t Rule Out More Iranian Nuclear Sites

Chinese censors block Obama's call to free the Web

Prohibition on the comeback trail. Obama regulators are out to ban rum and Coke

DeVore: A Proven Leader for California and America He's running against Barbara Boxer who I personally believe is a slimebag of epic proportions. I actively and intensely dislike that woman mostly because she is a lying SOS.

Little harmony from Obama’s China visit


Palinpalooza AND Palin Appeal AND Sarah, Meet Rahmbo

National Review Online now has a dedicated Palin Blog. Hooray! AND Ann Althouse live-blogged Palin on Oprah here. AND Sarah Palin: I Want to Play a Major Role in National Politics, 'If People Will Have Me' AND Alfonzo Rachel - The Rogue Less Trammeled: Letterman's Cheap Shots Can't Stop Sarah Palin

Conservative History, cont

Rep. Kevin McCarthy energized by Republican’s minority party status

Post-3962 Town Hall Tour: Becerra Bombs In L.A., Sherman Kills In Van Nuys

Oh, That Liberal Fascism

Amnesty For Illegals Protester's Attack Tea Party Protesters

From Instapundit -
THESE MUST HAVE BEEN THE ONES WITHOUT GUNS: Video: Tea Party Protesters Attacked, Beaten by ANSWER Thugs. From the comments: “I am sure that Eric Holder will act swiftly – just like he has in St. Louis.”

UPDATE: Power Line: “We conservatives have long talked about our willingness to fight for freedom. In a sense, that’s generally been metaphorical, especially when talking about domestic rather than foreign enemies. With the far left now on the march, however, it isn’t metaphorical any more. It’s just one more sign of the Age of Obama–fighting in the streets, as the extreme Left has been empowered as never before.” Cram the video down their throats. Figuratively, this time.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Joe Barnes: “Of course, this would be a racist hate crime if the situation in Ft. Lauderdale had been reversed. It would be all over the MSM nonstop. Olbermann’s head would explode. The violence and the resort to foul name calling (’teabaggers’) demonstrates the complete moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the left. I expect more of this, particularly since there will be no prosecution of these thugs.” You know, the Fred Phelps gang seems to manage to file a lot of lucrative lawsuits over the violent reactions of those they protest against, with the help of on-the-scene video. That’s their real business, by some accounts. Perhaps the Tea Party movement ought to try the same. It shouldn’t be all that hard to identify the folks involved and sue them, and the organizations they’re affiliated with. It would be nice if some friendly public interest lawyers would help out.

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