Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Responsible Drill Baby Drill

Tapping the Well of Freedom. A non-governmental response to the Deepwater Horizon crisis.
When the Deepwater Horizon first started gushing oil, many considered the incident an example of private enterprise having no regard for the environment. However, it is becoming clear that government was involved from the start, is in charge now (as President Obama himself tells us), and cannot do much about the problem. So is there any way to address this?

Yes. We need to move away from the crony corporatism that has characterized much of the nation’s energy sector during the last century or so. It would be foolish to promise that market-based reforms would prevent another disaster, but they would be more effective than yet more meaningless bureaucracy. There are several reasons for this.
Read the whole thing, my husband has several very good points in this article originally published on National Review Online.

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