Thursday, June 10, 2010

UPDATED - EPA Set For Massive Power Grab, Economic Destruction

DAMN IT - The Murkowski Resolution failed. Someone better nail those Senators who voted no because they are now personally responsible for the destruction of the US Economy.

Here is the Roll Call on the Murkowski Resolution. That RAT BASTARD WEBB voted No. Find your own Senator and if they voted NO, give a call. If the EPA gets it's nasty little hands on this power, our economy will swirl down the toilet.

Here is my email today to Senator Webb.
Dear Sen. Webb,

You voted no on the Murkowski Resolution. I will not forget or forgive this.

If the EPA gets to regulate carbon dioxide, our economy is going to suffer. I will hole YOU personally responsibile for that.

I have already blogged my displeasure on the two websites I participate in (one as an individual and one as a group blogging effort). Please rest assured, my opinion of you is being made very well known. And when you run for re-election, I will not have forgotten your vote. And I will blog RELENTLESSLY to expose your terrible voting deed to all Virginians.

I am completely disappointed in you.

Boxer: Carbon dioxide will be “leading cause of conflict” in next 20 years While I thoroughly disapprove of this descriptor of Olbermann's, my sensibilities would not be offended at all if he or anyone else called Boxer a "mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick". Because she is a sack of something and the above idiocy should clearly demonstrate that the ancient crone has clearly lost her freakin' mind.

(Originally published on National Review Online - The Corner, here)

I wrote this morning in the American Spectator about how tight the vote is on Senator Murkowski's bid to stop the EPA regulating CO2. It looks like Sen. Scott Brown is fully on board now, and three cheers to him for that, but thanks to a midnight deal by an obviously scared Harry Reid, Senator Webb of Virginia looks like he's going to vote no.

If you're a Virginian, get on to his office. You can call 1-866-507-1570 or use this handy-dandy message generator, courtesy of FreedomAction, to send his office an email.

Other senators are also on the fence. If you're a constituent of any of these and want EPA's power grab stopped, call or message them using the link above or this one from Americans for Prosperity. The senators that most need to hear from their constituents are:

Sen. Bayh, Indiana
Sen. Dorgan, North Dakota
Sen. Conrad (apparently targeted by Reid, like Sen. Webb), North Dakota
Sen. Tester, Montana
Sen. Pryor, Arkansas
Sen. Warner, Virginia
Sen. Begich, Alaska

Here are some things you can tell them:

● Every senator who votes no is taking full responsibility for the consequences of EPA regulation of greenhouse-gas emissions.

● The Reid alternative, a vote on Sen. Rockefeller's bill to delay regulation by two years, is not an adequate alternative. Who will invest in a new factory if EPA is going to begin regulating emissions within two years? Even Sen. Rockefeller is supporting Sen. Murkowski.

● The argument many Senators are making, that this is a vote against higher fuel-economy standards, is silly. See here.

This issue is vital. Any help you can give is much appreciated.

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