Monday, June 7, 2010

Media Bias 06-07

BREAKING - HELEN THOMAS ANNOUNCES RETIREMENT Did she jump or was she pushed? Who cares, the old bat is gone. And rightly So!

Helen Thomas Retires, Effective Immediately

Why Are We Tolerating Helen Thomas' Journalistic Hypocrisy? Well, we tolerate the entire liberal media's hypocrisy...

Be careful, if you have a heart, this will make you weep. An open letter to Helen Thomas

The Washington Post Keeps Rockin’, Hides Helen Thomas’ Bigotry. Another "Macaca" moment, but infinitely worse, and actually bigoted? Not a chance, if the Post can help it.

But Wait, There's More
Rabbi David F. Nesenoff, the man behind the Helen Thomas video, was just on Fox News, and he says Part II will be released "in a day or two."

Media cries conservative hypocrisy on oil spill

FTC floats Drudge tax. Journalism can reinvent itself without government 'help'

The FTC Confuses Newspapers With Journalism as it Seeks New Media Tax

Palestinians, Uighurs, and the Curiously Selective Media

Go get 'em, girl! Newsweek Frets Over Conservative Hotties; Newsweek, Heal Thyself

On a related note - Hot Men 2010: The Hottest Conservative Men Scroll down past the judges to get to the "good stuff". #1 Adam Baldwin (aka Jayne) So. Totally. Hot. But why is the dreamy Stephen Green #20? And Alfonzo Rachel should be higher up and with a better pic. He's a cutie pie. Apostle Claver is cute but #9 Steven Crowder is a bit too loud for me although I like many of his PJTV Videos and that he has humbly described his own mug as "punchable". Finally, I concur with big man Christie making the list but surely Micheal Yon should be way higher up. His bravery alone merits it.

Bill Maher Loses Religion-Bashing Battle With S.E. Cupp and History’s Inconvenient Truths

Government-Funded Journalism is More Dangerous Than Corporate-Funded Journalism

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