Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Media Bias 06-08

Journalists as Polemicists: A Case Study I always like a good fisking.

Mark Steyn on Helen Thomas (good stuff!) - Gone... Going... Going...
Funny that you can get a video of Helen Thomas spewing her hate, but we can’t find one showing ugly names being shouted in a crowd at congressmen.

A guy with a flip camera just took out one of the most storied names in American journalism. Presumably US newspaper managements have been assured by Obama, Pelosi, Frank et al that that bailout's a-comin' any day now. The alternative is that they're inept timeserving mediocrities too dullwitted even to know they're going over the falls.
I'm not sure why they spiked it but as regards to Helen Thomas - good riddance to old trash. Cal Thomas column on Helen Thomas spiked

Remember that Lancet Study? On the Iraqi war dead? It turns out it may have been deeply flawed Sounds like it was criminally flawed.

N.Y. Times misses the real lesson of charter schools

The Consequences of Media Failure: Demopaths Setting the Global Agenda. An examination of just how badly CNN failed to accurately cover the flotilla incident — repeating nonsense when better information was available — and the ramifications.

Attack of the bloggers! Is the (Real) News Dead? As a door knob. Or rather, no. Real news is very much alive but you won't find it in the MSM or being taught at J-school.

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