Monday, June 7, 2010

Daily Round-Up 06-07

Because, if true, this is a huge deal, I am reposting this report - Satellite Photos Support Testimony That Iraqi WMD Went to Syria

Personally, this is a good thing. When people (black or white) get to choose where to send their children, the kids get a better education and the educational system learns where its weak links are. 'Black flight' changing the makeup of Dallas schools

Upwards of Eight Thousand Protest 911 Mega Mosque on D Day! UPDATE: More Coverage, Photos

PJTV Vide (Sonja Schmidt's Left Exposed) - Tales From the Right Side: Barack and Michelle

Nice verbage. On the Home Page
Iain Murray argues for a non-governmental response to the Gulf oil spill.
Daniel Foster discusses five technological marvels at work in the Gulf crisis.
Michael Barone predicts a tough election year for the Democrats.
Edward Whelan calls for a tough Senate inquiry into Elena Kagan’s judicial philosophy.
Jeffrey A. Miron explains why the tea-party movement should take the libertarian position on drug prohibition.
Kathryn Jean Lopez argues that the media is attempting to weaken Catholic identity.


British Petroleum and Walmart Want You to Pay their Bills

Time to set Amtrak free. When I lived in Manhattan, I used Amtrak all the time but when I price them out compared to airlines, Amtrak always loses. Shame. Definately need privately run train systems on dedicated tracks - especially to free more track for environmentally friendly freight trains.

I'm sure there's a very good reason - From the oil spill to the financial crisis, why we don't plan for the worst

Another Going-Away Party


The "kids" are not all right. OBAMACARE POLLING BADLY IN MICHIGAN
And this is interesting: “Young people ages 18-29 were more against the changes than any other age group, with 69% opposed.”
AND this again Disasters

I really wish they wouldn't. White House and Allies Set to Build Up Health Law

12,000 California nurses ready to strike


Sound science on trial

Global-Warming Bill Contains Ethanol Subsidies, Which Cause Famine, Hunger, Food Riots, and Political Unrest

My view of the EPA is very similar to the one espoused in Ghostbusters. Always seemed like a pretty accurate portrayal to me. Senate fight over EPA resolution to highlight first week after recess

Shades of Erlich! Societal Collapse Due to Peak Oil ‘Inevitable,’ According to Researcher

The state is insolvent and this is what they do?!? Calif. moves to ban plastic bags at grocery stores The thing of it is, I'm willing to bet that a lot of those "reusable" grocery bags where made in Chinese sweatshops not renown for their environmental awareness.

Obama Uses BP Oil Spill to Push Corporate-Welfare-Filled Global Warming Bill That BP Once Lobbied For


Marine Stuns Tea Party Crowd With Verse of Star Spangled Banner. Video

Our Kids Deserve Balance in the Classroom

Hot Men 2010: The Hottest Conservative Men Scroll down past the judges to get to the "good stuff". #1 Adam Baldwin (aka Jayne) So. Totally. Hot. But why is the dreamy Stephen Green #20? And Alfonzo Rachel should be higher up and with a better pic. He's a cutie pie. Apostle Claver is cute but #9 Steven Crowder is a bit too loud for me although I like many of his PJTV Videos and that he has humbly described his own mug as "punchable". Finally, I concur with big man Christie making the list but surely Micheal Yon should be way higher up. His bravery alone merits it.


  1. "aka Jayne" omg, did you watch Firefly, too? I loved that show (have it on DVD and rewatch occasionally, that "hero of Canton" ep is one of my favorites).

  2. I LOVE FIREFLY. Nathan Fillion is HOT. So is Adam, of course. I follow both on twitter. Although I love that episode, my favorite is "Out of Gas". Of course, I've been following Joss Wheadon's work for years and years. I even saw the Buffy in the movie theater with the badly cast PeeWee Herman. Joss is an astonishing writer whom I rank with Shakespeare and Austen for his ability to describe characters with their voices and use of language. You can close your eyes and listen to a Wheadon character speak and know everything about his socio-economic background and world view. Brilliant. Jayne was a great character too. So yup. Put on your browncoat and remember - You can't stop the signal!